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We are here to talk about everything both past and present on television. With fall tv coming, join us and find out what will be debuting this fall and if it will be worth your time or not.

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Supernatural, Walker Texas Ranger?

Recently announced, there might be a Walker Texas Ranger reboot. I’m sure no one would complain if Chuck Norris returned, but as of now, he has declined to return to the role. Instead, the shoes have been filled by Jared Padalecki. AKA Sam

Friends- A 25th Anniversary Tribute

The Tv sitcom Friends debuted on NBC, in 1994. The show ran for ten seasons. It would win many Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. The show was created by David Crane and Martha Kauffman. The basis for the show is about 6 friends who live

Emergence-Hit new Thriller on ABC

A new thriller series, Emergence, debuts tonight on ABC and will air Tuesdays at 10/9 Central time. The show stars Allison Tolman as Jo Evans the Police Chief. Alexa Swinton stars as Piper the mysterious young girl. Clancy Brown is Ed, Jo

The Robbie G Show

The Robbie G Show will be launching on All Everything Entertainment next week. Robbie will cover everything in the world of sports and entertainment. He is a former Chicago DJ and a passionate fan of sports, movies, wrestling, television,

The Mandolorian Trailer

The new trailer is out for the Mandolorian directed by John Favreau (Iron Man, The Lion King) and it looks really dark and has an ensemble cast. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Favreau said "I'm trying to evoke the aesthetics

Disney Plus: What You need to Know

It seems today that Disney is in control of everything. With all the ships seemingly under one banner. Disney has decided to enter the online streaming Market with “Disney Plus”. Disney Plus has recently announced new shows and release

So Yesterday. So Nostalgia.

Brace yourselves Duffheads, because one of Disney's biggest franchises of the early noughties is officially making a comeback. Earlier today at the D23 Expo, the company announced that for the first time in over fifteen years, there

Why The Wire Still Matters

Around the late ’90s to early 2000s, HBO started to dominate television. They changed the landscape of TV, forever. With original programming, that network television simply couldn’t match. Not only because of their restrictions but

The Last Of The Starks

Review of Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4: “The Last of the Starks” Well, if the previous episode 3, “The Long Night”, was the style of the episode that one prefers from Game of Thrones, then last night’s episode, “The Last of the