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Chargers Sign WR Dontrelle Inman

Chargers sign Inman The Chargers have decided to bring back Wide Receiver Dontrelle Inman to Los Angeles. The decision was made thanks in part to Quarterback Philip Rivers and his close relationship with Inman. Inman was released

Cleveland Browns Sign WR

Cleveland Browns Sign Braxton Miller. Braxton Miller has been signed by the Cleveland Browns. Miller attended THE Ohio State University and created so many splash plays while in college. Miller is in his third NFL season out of Ohio

Top 5 Backup NFL Quarterbacks – 2019

There is no question that the quarterback position is the most important position for each team. However, the backup quarterback role is just as important. There are major injuries for quarterbacks each season, which means each team needs

NFL Top 5 Backup Running Backs

Made a list on who I think is the 5 best backup running backs in the game today. Hope you guys enjoy. 5) Dion Lewis: Lewis was brought to Nashville during the exodus of Patriot players joining the titans and he hasn't disappointed.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Injured in Plane Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was injured in a plane crash today about an hour ago in Bristol, TN. The 44 year old Earnhardt is semi-retires from professional racing. He has over 650 races to his name, 220 on which he has finished top 10.

How About Them Cowboys

Cowboys Operation: Override I was given the task of deciding what I would do when it comes to Zeke, Dak, and Amari contract situations. I'm going to imagine I was the General Manager of this franchise, working with little input from the

NFL Week 1 Preseason Takeaways

We finally have gotten a first taste of NFL football, and boy does it taste good. While there isn’t much to gleam from a bunch of third and fourth stringers playing most of the game, here are my five takeaways from Week 1 of the preseason.