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CJ McCollum: The New 100 Million Man

CJ just got PAID!!!! Portland Trail Blazers star guard has accepted a three year extension worth 100 million dollars. Portland now has their backcourt locked up for the next 5 years with Damian Lillard signing his deal as well. CJ is one

NBA 2019: Battle for Staples Center

This NBA off-season has been one for the history books. The 2019 draft class brought in many big-name players. Free agency has left many heads spinning with big-name players on the move as well as some interesting trades. Arguably,

2019 NBA Free Agency Winners & Losers

We are here to take a look at who the winners and losers of this year Free Agency in the NBA that just passed us. I will also take in the trades as well for teams into an account for winners and losers. HERE WE GO! Winners