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Is the NFL the WWE in Disguise?

I am posing a serious question to you...Is the NFL the WWE in Disguise? When you put it into perspective it’s not that far fetched. As we all know the WWE is scripted by writers...almost like a soap opera. There is nothing wrong with

Antonio Brown to Green Bay?

After what we thought could be the end of Antonio Brown's NFL career, it seems that the Green Bay Packers have a renewed interest in the former Pro Bowl wideout. One question about this situation is, what does this mean for the Packers

Jalen Ramsey to the Rams BREAKING NEWS: The Jaylen Ramsey era is over in Jacksonville the blockbuster announcement made Ramsey has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams for 2 First Rounders. Jalen

NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots New England rolls along like a tumbleweed behind a broken-down barn against a Saquonless Giants. I don't know about you, but I for one can't wait until New England faces their 1st real challenge this

Marcus Peters Traded BREAKING NEWS: The Los Angeles Rams agree to trade defensive back Marcus Peters, to the Baltimore Ravens. This is a trade I think helps the Ravens out defensively, but makes

NFL Betting Locks – Week 6

Welcome back to Week 6 of the NFL Betting Locks segment. We took a few weeks off but have come back full force with 4 guys giving you the NFL locks. Take the advice or risk losing your money! Alan Giovacchini SEATTLE -1.5 at

Gronk Debuts on Fox!

If you didn't get a chance to watch Rob Gronkowski speak during the Thursday Night Football Pregame, then you really missed out. Earlier in the day, Fox Sports teased that Gronk was going to join the usual cast and deliver some gems. Fox

Preview of TNF: Patriots vs Giants

Let's take a look at tonight’s matchup between the Patriots and Giants. The Giants are injury-riddled coming into the game. They are without their top two running backs, Saquan Barkley and Wayne Gallman; so rookie tailback Jon Hillman will

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

Heading into week 6, for the first time ever this season my top two has changed!! Who jumped into the top two? Who was taken out? What team makes their first appearance into the top 10? How far has Chicago, Cleveland, and the Chargers

Sink or Swim: Miami Dolphins

I got asked by a follower on my twitter account to write an article about how Marcus Mariota could help the Dolphins, so I am going to double down on this and give a few Quarterback options that could help the Dolphins. 7. Andy Dalton

NFL Week 6 Power Top 10

1.New England Patriots New England's surprising defense is what separates them from Kansas City at this point in the season. Antonio Brown going back to Greenbow, Alabama to cut the grass might be the best thing that's happened to the

AFC North Week 5 Recap

Over a quarter of the season has come and gone and the AFC North has been drastically transformed from previous years. It’s no longer a battle between Baltimore and Pittsburgh for ownership of the division. It is now between Baltimore and

AFC West Week 5 Recap

Holy smokes folks! The season is going by so fast and before we know it its gonna be over. Alright, that’s enough depressing talk for now. The Chiefs aren’t robots after all! The Raiders come up with another huge win! The Chargers were the

NFC West Week 4 Recap

Seahawks-27 @ Cardinals-10 Before we get into the game, we have to take a moment to recognize it. Larry Fitzgerald now is second to only Jerry Rice in career receptions. With this reception below, Larry Fitz passed Tony Gonzalez on the

AFC West Week 4 Recap

We are officially a quarter of the way through football season folks. The Chiefs keep their undefeated streak alive. The Chargers win in Miami for the first time in 38 years. The Raiders get a big win. The Broncos blow a lead to remain

AFC South Week 4 Throw Down

Welcome to the AFC South throw down, where we recap the AFC Division games from this past weekend. Go ahead and grab a seat, let’s throw it down!!! AFC South teams went 2-2 this weekend, Mariota decides to shine again while Minshew