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Race for the Division- AL Central Edition

The trade of Trevor Bauer baffled me, at least when it happened. I thought hey you have a playoff-type pitching staff and Trevor is a stud don't give up yet! Yes he did throw one of the worst temper tantrums I have ever seen mid-game

2019 American League Wildcard Breakdown

The AL wild card race took an unlikely turn, Monday, when Cleveland took sole possession of first in the AL Central. Albeit a small lead, yet still stunning, considering how the Twins seemed like a lock. That leads the Twins as top wild

MLB Power Rankings 08/13/19

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (79-41) Fun Fact: The last time a pitcher qualified for the ERA title with an ERA under 1.50 was Bob Gibson in 1968. Ryu is currently sitting at 1.45. Still the best team in majors right now and they are

Houston Astros New Big 3

Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Zack Greinke- The Astros New Big 3 Zack Greinke being dealt to the Houston Astros at the trade deadline is easily the best and most talked-about move this season. Not only did it make the Astros

MLB Players Weekend Nicknames

MLB players weekend is back August 23 through August 25, giving players the opportunity to play with their nicknames listed on their jerseys. Below is the list of nicknames that have been compiled so far. Other names might be added on

MLB Power Rankings- 8/6/19

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (75-40) Still, number 1 in the rankings even though they didn’t make any noise at the deadline. The main issue is the bullpen and that can be fixed with someone like Dustin May or another starter. 2.

All Time MLB Draft

Welcome to the All Everything Entertainment All Time Major League Baseball Draft. 14 of us participated and put together the best 25 man MLB roster of all time. The requirements were to field a lineup including a DH. Five starting

New York Yankees-The Art of the Deal

Too Passive at the Deadline? The trade deadline came and went, yet the Yankees were left with nothing to gloat about. As New York came up empty, surprisingly, and much to the dismay and great malice of most of the fanbase. How could