Celebrating the Legend that is Jay-Z as He Turns 50 Today

Today, Shawn Corey Carter, known as Jay-Z to most, turned 50. He even talked about this in his famed song on the Black Album, December 4th. What does this all mean for the hip hop hustler and mogul? Everything. Jay-Z, love him or hate him is the greatest success story in the history of rap. A guy who went from Marcy to Madison Square, as he put it. Yet when he uttered that statement, he may not have even realized he’d go even further.

You could remove Jay’s business acumen, and he’s still at worst, a top ten rapper ever to pick up a mic. That’s the uncanny power this man has had and still has in the game. Jigga became hip hop’s first true billionaire, this year. The question is, what still motivates him musically?

Can we as the fickle rap fans that we are, accept a rapper being prominent at 50 and beyond? Not only rapping but doing it at an elite level. I’ve always heard this is a young man’s sport, but in this case, let the God excel. We can’t hold back a legend, just because he isn’t 25. Jay-Z is relevant at 50, 60 or any age.

In closing, I want to speak on what I consider are the most impactful tracks of Jay-Z’s career. Agree or not?

Hard Knock Life

Where I’m From

Can I get A

Empire State of Mind


Keep in mind these are most impactful and not his best. These tracks either drove his career forward or inspired the culture. Let the debate rage on.

Yet give birthday wishes to the King.

ICYMI: As of today all of Hov’s music is back on Spotify.