Chargers & Titans Halftime Recap

1st Quarter

2 desperate teams come into this game looking for a win. The Titans are rolling the dice with former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill. Marcus Mariota is on the bench for this game. Tannehill is actually looking good making some tough throws on rollouts.

The Chargers moved the ball into Titans territory but their drives stalled each time. The quarter ended in a 3-3 tie.

2nd Quarter

Both teams continue to move the ball well. Against weak pass rushes, the QB’s are picking the defenses apart. A lot of yards but not much to show for it until the Chargers make 3 incredible sideline catches in a row. One of the catches resulted in a Titans failed challenge/TO after review.

A clever play call by Ken Whisenhunt led to an easy pitch and catch to a wide-open Melvin Gordon for a TD. The Titans end the half with their 2-minute offense on the field. And like clockwork, they march right down the field easily to tie the score 10-10. Halftime!

Robert Soderberg