Clayton Kershaw, More than just a Hall of Fame Pitcher

You might know him as the sure-fire Hall Of Famer. He is the guy who has dominated batters with his awkward left-handed pitching approach for years. Maybe you know him from his curveball, that is right out of a” Loony Tunes” Bugs Bunny episode.

Clayton Kershaw is many things, but there is one thing that really stands out, his fight against human trafficking. Kershaw and his wife Ellen have joined forces with the International Justice Mission to fight against this horrible and sickening worldwide epidemic. The two even went as far as visiting the Dominican Republic this past January to go on the streets and actually see first hand the struggle which was documented by ESPN.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Stocker, ESPN

In a document released in 2017 by the International Labor Organization and Walk Free Foundation, there are 16 million victims worldwide stuck in the horrific human trafficking system. I would imagine that the number has grown since the prosecutions of these human traffickers are somehow extremely low. With all of the ridiculous stuff that comes out of Hollywood and the negativity that many pro athletes have brought upon themselves with their off the field actions, it’s a breath of fresh air to see Clayton and Ellen contribute and fight against these crimes against the children of the world.

We must protect the kids and help out as much as possible, this underworld atrocity happens in our own backyards right under our noses and it is time to put an absolute stop to it. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw, for stepping forward into the public spotlight to help resolve this and I personally tip my Astros hat to you.  

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