FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Five)




Korakuen Hall

By: Gary Schweder 

If nights two through four are televised then I will review them. Until then full results can be found here.

Get your air horns ready for the four night finale of FANTASTICA MANIA! The co-branded show has been a tradition since 2010. The shows provide a change of pace by highlighting fresh wrestlers and new styles. CMLL bring their “trappings” with them including; ring announcers, lack of guard rails, lucha tag rules and all the mask ripping you can handle. 

Night five will include the semifinals of CMLL’s Family Tag Tournament. It looks like we have the B-team on commentary, as Geno and Kevin Kelly are absent. Most of the entrance music will be overdubbed because Mexico apparently doesn’t care about copyrights. The night begins with a cool video package introducing the CMLL wrestlers. 

1) Ryusuke Taguchi & Fuego def DOUKI & Namajague:

Taguchi and Fuego danced through the crowd on their way to the ring. Fuego danced with a blow up doll. Taguchi tried to relay signals to Fuego, but they got lost in translation. The story of the match was Taguchi botching attempts at good lucha things. He finally hit on a dive, which gave Fuego the opportunity to win with a sunset flip. Then Taguchi violated Namajague’s rear with DOUKI’s steel pipe, which was as awkward as it sounds. (7m 22s)

2) Guerrero Maya Jr & Audaz def Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Luciferno:

Kanemaru tried to slow the action down with a more traditional NJPW style. Luciferno hit Audaz with a Styles Clash. Audaz went on a tilt a whirl back breaker frenzy. Audaz won with a moonsault press. It was impressive how high he jumped, with how close Luciferno was to the turnbuckle. (10m 8s)

3) BUSHI, Shingo Takagi & EVIL def Hiroshi Tanahashi, Dulce Gardenia & Flyer:

Tanahashi is still wearing his face paint, of which I have mixed opinions. Dulce has become my favorite CMLL wrestler. Dulce started the match by playing mind games with BUSHI. LIJ gained control and triple stomped Flyer. Dulce used a wristlock to tango with Shingo. Dulce then tried to kiss each member of LIJ, eventually planting one on BUSHI. Unfortunately, Shingo stopped the silliness with a Death Valley Driver and lariat. (11m 1s)

4) OKUMURA & Forastero def Stuka Jr. & Titán:

OKUMURA and Forastero jumped the bell. They then took the action outside. OKUMURA seemed indifferent after accidentally chopping his valet. Titán impressively flipped out of the ring by bouncing his back off the top rope. Titán was flying high until Forastero reversed a top rope hurricanrana into a powerbomb. Forastero then scored the submission with a triangle choke. (9m 6s)

5) Bárbaro Cavernario & Último Guerrero def Carístico & Satoshi Kojima:

This was a preview of title matches being held on Sunday and Monday. There was a lot of pandering to the crowd during this match. Even the commentators joked that they only had the building until 10pm. The business picked up after some hard strikes. Kojima Machine gun chopped both opponents. Cavernario dangled spit loogies over his opponents like a school bully. Último hit Kojima with his Guerrero special for a two count. Apparently kicking Cavernario in the head causes him to do the worm. Koji got in the spirit with a pascada, but left his partner isolated. Cavernario submitted Carístico with his Cavernaria. (13m 3s)

6) Cuatrero & Sanson def Soberano Jr. & Euforia:

This is a semi final of CMLL’s Family Tag Tournament. This match is father/son (Soberano Jr./Euforia) vs brothers (Cuatrero/Sanson). Cuatrero hit a awkward, yet real, looking springboard shoulder tackle. The two teams brawled to the outside. Soberano Jr. moonsaulted off an entryway tunnel. Soberano Jr. flipped Euforia on to the top rope for an assisted springboard. It looked like the father-son team’s athleticism would win the day but got Soberano Jr. caught in an inverted bearhug. Cuatrero and Sanson head to the final tomorrow. (9m 30s)

7) Niebra Roja & Ángel de oro def Tiger & Negro Casas:

This is also a semi final of CMLL’s Family Tag Tournament. This match is nephew/uncle (Tiger/Negro) vs brothers (Roja/Ángel). Negro’s impressive work as a 60 year old makes want to watch all of his earlier work. Ángel impressively bounces of the ropes while inverted, with no hands. Roja possed down in the middle of the ring. Negro responded by exposing his butt cheeks in Roja’s general direction.Tiger hit Roja with a nasty looking pop up powerbomb. Roja was able to recover and score a submission with a La Campana. Niebra Roja & Ángel de oro advance and set up a brothers vs brothers final. Both sets of brothers cut promos on each other to finish the night. (2m 55s)