Crocodile Dundee turns 33


Crocodile Dundee was released in the United States 33 years ago this month. It was released in theaters on September 26, 1986. The film starred Australian actor Paul Hogan as Mick Dundee. It was directed by Peter Fairman and produced by John Cornell. It was distributed by Hoyts Pictures in Australia, Paramount Pictures in North America, and 20th Century Fox on an International level. It was an action-comedy film, that took place in both New York City and the Outback of Australia. The movie was based on real-life Aussie Rod Ansell. Actress Linda Kozlowski played New York City writer Sue Charlton who was the real-life wife of Paul Hogan at the time. Her story started as she was dating the editor at her paper, Richard Mason.

She would go to Australia, where she meets Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee a local Bushman who knows the land. While Sue is there, she is entertained by Dundee’s friends or mates. Walter Reilly played John Mellion, who in the film was Dundee’s business partner. Dundee proves he is a tough guy, knocking out locals in the pub, who would start trouble. Sue seemed skeptical of this Crocodile man but would fall for him as she learned the Outback culture.

Mick Dundee has a close relationship with the local Aboriginal tribe. Sue invites Mick to come to New York City, so she could continue her story on him. There Mick had to learn the customs of America, not knowing what to make of the big apple. This film had classic scenes such as when Sue and Mick are about to be robbed, and the robber pulls out his knife. When Dundee saw the knife, he said you call that a knife and pulls out a huge knife and says this is a knife!

Let’s not forget about Big Donk. He was a fantastic character, who was played by Aussie actor Steve Rackman. So many great memories in this film. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out. If you like action and comedy this is your film. The movie was great because you could laugh along with Mick and his friends.

Crocodile Dundee was the highest-grossing film of all time in Australia. It was the second highest-grossing film in the United States in 1986. It would go on to be the first of a series. Crocodile Dundee II, which came out in 1988. Followed by Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in 2001.

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