Cyber Knights: A Trese brother’s production

Full disclosure here, not only am I someone who has already donated to the Kickstarter, but I have been a fan of the Trese brother’s work for a long time. When I was in the Navy I played their epic phone games to keep myself sane. Both Star Trader and Cyber Knights.

For those who are averse to phone games or want to see the games evolve beyond the limitations of a phone game, we are in luck. Star Trader is already on Steam and as of this writing, Cyber Knights (my preferred game) is being worked on. With a solid bit of video of the game already released.

The story is very cyberpunk. With players taking the role of Cyber Knights, basically cyborgish mercenaries, who work for different companies. Even taking the role against them as they dive into the war between the different corporations. Unknown as of this writing the level of customization, but if it is anything like the phone game, it will be extensive.

 What is known for sure is that the gameplay will be very Xcom and maybe even a dash of Phoenix Point. Turn-based squad oriented strategy. With your Cyber Knight being the leader of the squad of other people you have recruited. Either by saving them or just straight hiring them.

Drawing from my experience with the phone game, I was able to make a range of combat specialists. Ranging from the brawler who punched things, to the gunslinger. Even able to make a form of Street Samurai. All while being able to continue to cybernetically enhance my character, not just level them up.

I was able to reach out to Cory Trese about the Kickstarter and he was able to share.

“We’re excited to hit Valkyrie Zero stretch goal! Valkyrie Zero adds an optional storyline, side quests, and new personal storylines attached to recruitable mercenaries. This content won’t be required to play through the main story arcs but will add an estimated 20 hours of additional content to explore in every playthrough, interwoven into the game. This stretch goal gives us a budget for the additional contacts, missions, maps, recruitable characters, loot, traits, cyberware and writing to weave this narrative into the game.”

So good news to everyone who is interested in a game like this. I for one plan on doing a playthrough on my gaming channel on Youtube. If you want to donate to the Kickstarter, the link is below.