Dak Prescott to Jerry Jones: “Show Me the Money”

How much is Dak Prescott really worth?

Current reports are coming in today that the Cowboys have presented big money to Dak Prescott. 30M a year annually is what Prescott and his camp have been offered. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Prescott as he is asking the cowboys for 40M annually. So now it’s time to ask the question how much is Dak Prescott really worth?

In Prescott’s rookie year he led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record and a 1st round bye. He also was Rookie of the Year that year. Thus setting the bar and expectations for his sophomore year sky high. Zeke Elliot’s suspension in 2017 highlighted even more importance on Dak’s ability to move this offense and lead the the Cowboys. He responded by finishing 9-7 which was a very respectable finish in the NFC East, but missed the postseason.

Year 3, Dak struggled mightily in the first few weeks of the season without Jason Witten or Dez Bryant. and With defenses keying in on Zeke and stacking the box, no skilled receivers, no dependable tight end, and suddenly this Dallas offense was solely placed on Prescott’s shoulders and Prescott looked like a deer in headlights.

Dallas had to make a move, they traded their 2019 first-rounder to Oakland for number one wideout Amari Cooper. Prescott’s confidence and playmaking ability as a passer completely changed the landscape of the NFC. The Cowboys came from the basement of the NFC East to win the division.

The Cowboys have a lot to be excited about, but is Dak asking for too much? Is this a negotiating tactic? Could we possibly see Prescott playing for another team next year?

Cards are on your table now Mr. Jones.

Justin Patterson