Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox are the Present and Future of NXT

Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox are the Future of NXT

Dakota Kai signed with the NXT brand a few years back and they quickly teamed her with Tegan Nox. Both were the underdogs of the division. They just could never have their proper shine. Both very underrated as well considering how they were treated in the Indies compared to their initial NXT runs.

That is until Takeover: War Games when Dakota Kai turned heel and destroyed her best friend. This was the heel turn of the year in my opinion. Yes, it was expected but the way it was executed?!?! Was PERFECTION. They really let Kai unleash her violent nature which is something we don’t see a lot.

Since then, she’s had HORRIBLE booking for months. She was either booked to lose or booked to get beat up by the faces after the matches or before. When she should have been booked to tear apart the division to make her look like an actual threat, instead of playing the role of putting others over countless times. Then she lost to Tegan upon her return. Is this losing ever going to end?

YES! Finally, at Takeover: Portland, we saw Dakota Kai take home a victory over Tegan Nox in a Street Fight. Sure it was the help of Reina Gonzales but she got the win nonetheless. Though I find it ironic the table didn’t break for Tegan, much like for Dakota when Mia tried putting her through one several weeks ago.

But does Dakota Kai need an ‘Enforcer’?

I always saw her new gimmick as a Lone Wolf type character who didn’t trust anyone. But I honestly don’t mind her having a heavy with her, as long as this helps her and she gets much better booking from here on out. The pairing was random and I would have rather seen Dakota Kai pull out a new finisher to defeat Tegan Nox, but I am up for this alliance.

Where do we go from here?

Again, while this pairing may be unexpected some of the matches we can get out of it in the future are promising. The thought of Reina facing off with Rhea after she helps Dakota win the belt from her is intriguing. A Dakota/Rhea feud will happen sooner rather than later. In that feud I expect Dakota to win the belt.

She should have won the title before Ripley as it is. However, I really haven’t cared for the NXT Women’s Title since Asuka held it. The main reason is that Asuka was a great character. Shayna was alright, but I think she won it way too soon. Kairi Sane just had 2 minutes of fame with it. Rhea? I mean, she did just lose her NXT UK Women’s Title a few months ago to Toni Storm and she didn’t really need a Championship. Especially this soon. But Rhea is a badass I’ll admit.

But Dakota I’ve been watching since her Indy days and I never understood why she was never a focal point until now. She’s been there almost as long as Aliyah. And this new alliance I think is going to do wonders for Dakota and her NXT career. As long as they are booked strong from here on out.

Tegan vs. Reina is looking likely for the next Takeover, which is a match I wouldn’t really care for if I’m being honest. I hope Tegan and Dakota continue their one on one feud. I would like to see Dakota and Tegan have a 1 on 1 feud for the NXT Women’s Championship, but that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon but maybe down the line if they sustain good booking for both women.

Dakota and Tegan’s story is the one story on NXT that I’m invested in the most, just because the history is there between them and because both have been severely underrated since their NXT debuts.

This year I expect Dakota to defeat Ripley for the NXT title and Tegan Nox to win the NXT UK Women’s Championship from Kay Lee Ray this year. And then I’d love for them to face off again.

That’s what I’d do if I was in the booking chair. But we’ll see what 2020 holds for the former members of Team Kick.

Do you see Dakota Kai and Reina making a big impact on NXT? Or will it be a fail?

And do YOU see Dakota Kai being the one to upset Rhea Ripley? If not who?