Darth Bane; the Father of the Rule of Two

At the end of episode 1 of the Star Wars prequel, we had Yoda throw out the line “Always two there are.” Most people glossed over that and didn’t think too far into it. What kind of insight did Yoda have that the viewers, and Mace, didn’t have? Beyond the years of experience.

The secret is that is the Sith rule of two. The full rule is something like, “There is always two. A master and an apprentice. One who has the power, the one who craves it.” Really poetic to say that there were no more Sith Empires and that they would work only from the shadows.

Before Bane, in fact, he is the one who ends it, there was a whole civilization built around the worship of the Sith. Every so often they would come out of the darkest reaches of the void to attack the Republic and the Jedi. Every time this has happened, they end up getting pushed back into that void.

The last time it happened had been long before the first movie. In the book series that gives the story of Darth Bane’s rise to power doesn’t explain much about the war. Just one planet that both sides decided was the lynchpin. Both sides delivering massive forces to a single planet in the whole of known systems.

Bane had only recently become a Sith at the end of the war. Although even in the academy he felt something was off about the way they were operating. After some searching, he found a hidden Holocron from an even older Jedi turned Sith Lord named Darth Revan. His own history being sorted and needing a much longer explanation. Not going to talk about in this article.

After training with the super-powerful training manual, the human Sith Lord went onto the war. Without going to the mechanics of how he destroyed the army of Jedi and Sith all at once. Going on to create a new kind of Sith with that rule.

I honestly am glossing over a lot of details, but would recommend reading the books. It is three stories you can buy on Amazon Kindle services for around 10 dollars. It is one of the few stories in Star Wars lore (pre Disney) that gives you the thrill of seeing the villain’s perspective.

If that is not enough, it was written by the same story designer who wrote the lore for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic game. (An older RPG game for Star Wars you can pick up Steam or even your phone for around 10 dollars.)

This is just a short run for those I do not want to give too much spoilers. To give this character a proper shout out, I am going to do another one that will dive into details on this monster of a character.