DC Comics: Golden vs Silver

DC has a really long history. Longer than most of us have been alive. That is not unique to DC, Marvel has a decently long history, but DC does have something unique. Something they should leverage or draw on for future movies. Especially if they want to make a movieverse of their own. It’s their evolution from the Golden Age to the Silver Age.

Allow me to explain. Ask yourself who is the first Flash? If you said Barry Alan you are wrong. If you said Wally West you are very wrong. This is not a trick question, it isn’t an answer that is buried in one issue that made some distant Flash really the first one. The answer is out in the open.

His name is Jay Garrick. Unlike his successors, he does not draw his power from the speed force. He is also nowhere near as fast. His costume wasn’t a full ‘spandex’ outfit. The Crimson Comet wore a red shirt, blue pants and a Hermes like helmet. His face was never covered because he ‘vibrates’ his face to prevent pictures.

The Flash is also not exclusive to this. The first Green Lantern was Alan Scott. He was not a member of the Lantern Corp, which didn’t exist in the comics. His powers were more mystical in nature and his weakness was wood, not the color yellow. (I am not joking).

Some stories of Wonder Woman have the first one being her mother appearing in history as Wonder Woman with her daughter taking the name as a tribute to that name. Which because it was time travel malarkey, her mother was doing it to honor Diana of Troy.

Dr. Fate is the ‘same’ person, but with different hosts. Most heroes of the Golden Age have had successors and even an evolution of their stories/power sets. Superman and Batman were about the only ones near immune. Though even they were affected by the changes.

In the early versions of Superman, he was not able to fly and was only as fast as a speeding bullet. His strength was listed as strong as ten strong men or something like that. Now he is the measure of strength that all villains are held against. If they are not as strong as Superman, then they are not a real threat. At least when versus the Justice League.

Batman originally used a gun, which didn’t last long. He didn’t have a problem killing and had a close relationship with the cops. You can see elements of his relationship and more social personality during the campy run by Adam West. After the change to the Silver Age and the graphic novel called Dark Knight Returns (Read it), Batman became viewed as crazy, as crazy as the people he fights.

These are things that DC movies need to take into account when writing their comic book movie universe. Use Batman and Superman to set the tone for the modern heroes. However, also use the Justice Society (Precursor to the Justice League) to set up the history of heroes in the world. You can even have the world as a whole had forgotten them, but the spirit of those characters still alive in the world.

Maybe when you do a Flash movie, an old WW2 vet called Jay gives him tips on how to run properly. Maybe during a Green Lantern fight as Hal Jordan is getting his butt kicked, some old man talks to him about fighting fear. About how being brave is not being afraid, but knowing how to overcome it.

Taking it a step further even do a movie that shows the Justice Society fighting Vandal Savage during WW2 and even answering why no one remembers them. Maybe for some mystical reason, maybe because of how they operated wasn’t to be a symbol but to right wrongs. You can even use the fear of the organized crime of the time being the reason. There are a plethora of stories that can be told and combined to create an amazing universe.

Now as personal request dreamers; if you like this idea, and you like the idea of the DC world being made into a real cohesive story, then please share this article.

I am not asking for clickbait reasons, but to improve the change some studio exec might accidently click on it and want to do it.