DC Movieverse Dream: Batman

If you are going to start a movieverse I feel it has to start with Batman. Not just because he is one of the most popular characters, but because he can be used as a starting off point for the ‘modern’ rise in Superheroes. Not someone who inspires hope in the citizens, that’s Superman, but one that puts the fear into the criminals.

To start the movie you don’t need to show the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne. We have seen that enough. We have also seen enough training montages of Bruce Wayne learning how to fight and how to be a detective. For this origin movie, it is about Wayne becoming Batman.

To start the movie I would have Ninja Bruce running around. This is where he is not dressed as a Bat, but generic clothes meant to hide his identity. Usually dark, but not all the time. The opening scene I would even have his disguise skills shown by him impersonating the Penguin during a weapons deal with the Red Hood.

Of course to cement that the Red Hood is not someone to be trifled with he calls him out on it and even compliments his rival with his ability to change his appearance that much. The end result is the destruction of the ‘weapons’ during the buy and Red Hood escaping. Bruce Wayne getting away with a piece of tech he lifted from Wayne industries. His use of it as a clear allusion to what eventually becomes his cape.

Afterward, you find him in one of his boltholes. The public at large not knowing he is alive, let alone back in Gotham. Thomas Kane (His uncle on his mother’s side) and Alfred both pleading their cases trying to convince him to return to Wayne industry and take on his legacy in the company. Even suggesting he might be able to fight crime from that position.

Bruce, showing his younger more brash side, disrespectfully rejects them. Sends them away. He was committed to his failing methods of how to fight. As an artful touch, I would even include some voice over to represent his thinking process. Allowing us to understand the detective side of Batman even more.

A lot of his early actions are centered around his investigating the Red Hood gang. Their behavior seemingly random and not making sense towards a larger sense of crime. Sometimes his investigation is hampered by his need to hide his identity and the criminals not being afraid.

After some time he finally calls Alfred and ‘asks a favor’. During a press conference where he is appearing by a video screen, he not only announces his return to Gotham but also that he had already been back trying to root out the Red Hood gang, who had infiltrated his family’s business. This would explain some of his early near misses.

This whole press conference is done at Ace Chemicals, with Bruce is being recorded from the inside. (Thomas Kane and the Kane Family owns Ace Chemicals.) During the interview, to prevent Bruce from spilling the beans, he is attacked by the Red Hood gang. Due to a trick of the camera, to anyone watching, Bruce Wayne is saved by Batman.

This cements why no one ever thinks Bruce Wayne is Batman and allows for the confrontation between Batman and the Red Hood to proceed. During the Battle of Ace Chemical, his behavior and method of disabling his enemies start to invoke the fear that Batman is known for.

The conclusion ends with Batman vs The Red Hood. Red Hood has the edge in the fight, but Batman is saved by another person in the Red Hood gang. Who gets a lucky shot off and wounds The Red Hood. Given the opening, Batman is able to throw his opponent into the open vat chemical below him. This creates the Origin of the Joker.

The Red Hood gang member who helped Batman is revealed to be Thomas Kane. Who had become wounded and dying from the fight. Something emotional goes or doesn’t. I honestly don’t care about that part. The movie ends with a split shot of Batman on the roof of a building watching like he always does and Bruce Wayne during the day in a board meeting at Wayne industries.

I can go into more detail on how I would do the whole movie, but I don’t want to reveal all the cards up my sleeve. I also don’t have the resources nor connections to get it done.

Now I ask you, dreamers if you want to see a DC Movieverse being properly done, share this.

The more eyeballs who see this, the improved chances of someone with the mojo to learn from these suggestions.