Dead Space-One of the Greatest of its Kind

 EA has done a lot of things that have put them as a company on the no-fly list. There insistence on ‘DLC’ content that should really have been part of the game. The loot boxes for things that are more than cosmetic. The worst sin for me though is their absolute destruction of promising intellectual properties.

A few years back, there was a game called Dead Space. You played a normal engineer by the name of Issac Clark. Mind you this is a sci-fi environment so normal is a relative term. Your repair and emergency crew gets a call from a city plus-sized space ship called the Ishimura.

It’s what they call a Planet Cracker and does exactly what the name suggests. They pull up continent size chunks of land and mine it for resources that Earth just doesn’t have anymore. On the ship, you are told your wife happens to be stationed on. So Issac does have some emotional connection. Depending on the source he may have also been stationed there. Not sure about that one.

You get on the ship to quickly find monsters. Not just the reanimated dead, but true monsters that are being animated by something called the ‘Marker’. Making the fight interesting is that you don’t just ‘shoot them in the head’. You have to dismember them as they continue to mutate until you have done enough damage to them.

The game was horrifying with a great story. A great balance of suspense with action. All with the ability to play with your mind as the story unfolded. It was and is a great game. Enough so that it spawned 2 sequels. Both great in their own way, and deserve their own article.

This game was made by Visceral Studios, which was bought out by EA. They made promises to make more and better games. After all EA had the resources to fund a game that could be more intensive then this small studio.

Except, like Issac Clark in a lot of my playthroughs, they left it dead. They killed the studio that brought it. They still own the rights. They have all of the materials it would take to make a new one, but they stripped it of all its talent and closed the doors on the company. A death sentence for a small production company.

There is no talk of a movie. No rumors of a fourth game being made or even a reboot. Just the sad voices of those who loved the games. You can still buy them of course. I recommend buying the first and second from steam. If you feel the need to play the more action-based third one you can get it from EA Origins. That is all there is left for the game. No real prospect of a future for it.

That is why EA will always upset me. Among the graveyard of great ideas and dreams they have killed are some of my favorites. This being one of them.