Death Stranding Early Review

Death Stranding Early Review

In case you haven’t been following my stream on my gaming Youtube page (Link at the bottom) then you need to hear about this game. Spoilers, I think it is awesome.

This game was created by the same man who brought us the Metal Gear Solid games. A guy who has a habit of making a very cinematic intense game, while still providing a fun environment. Not to mention the ability to mess with your mind the whole time.

Death Stranding was teased and not given much information about the environment, except what you could gather from the images. What we did get, made no sense. Something about some ghost things and an odd baby that you are walking around with. Even Rick and Morty in their commercial didn’t know what was going on.

I am not about to ruin the game for you and tell you the details that should be revealed in the course of the story. What I am going to tell you is that the things that are happening in the game are answered. It makes its own in-universe sense. The story pulling you rather quickly if you give it a chance. If that doesn’t do it, then the visuals will.

Some people have complained that the game is a “walking simulator” and in all honesty, I can get that complaint. The kind of people who look at this stunning piece of work and think that is the kind of gamers who only play Call of Duty. Only judging a game by its combat mechanics.

This game is not one that you can look at it from that lens as you are not some super cyborg assassin. You are a courier. The whole point of what your character does is deliver things between the different surviving communities, as you try to reconnect them. Something made near impossible for most people with the odd ghost creatures called ‘BTs’. Granted your character is considered a legend of his given role, but it is how you play that makes it worth it.

Something this game does that is extremely unique is its way of handling multiplayer. You and other players do share the same world, but do not directly affect each other. You act more as a community. You build roads, bridges, and even leave ropes lying around for each other to take advantage of. Even going so far as delivering packages you dropped.

I still haven’t finished the game yet. So I cannot give it a full review. I have also been very careful not to spoil it for myself or my viewers. If you want to play the game, get it. If you just want to enjoy the world. Check out one of the many streams you can. Preferably mine for self-interested reasons.