Diamonds Are Forever: Why Tessa Blanchard is The Best Female Wrestler In The World

Yes, I know it is a VERY BOLD statement to say that women’s wrestling has changed over the last two decades both in WWE and outside of it.

Yes, I know it is a VERY BOLD statement to say women’s wrestling has become just as important as men’s wrestling.

And yes, I know it is VERY BOLD to title an article like this, but I will repeat myself once more:
Tessa Blanchard is the BEST female wrestler in the world.

Let me preface this by saying that I am not writing this to demean the hundreds of women’s wrestlers in the world right now.

There’s so much talent here in the United States, as well as in the UK, Mexico, Japan and everywhere in between.

Allow me to explain why this Diamond has reformed the shape of women’s wrestling.

Rise to Fame

There is absolutely no secret who Tessa Blanchard is.

She is the daughter of wrestling legend and Four Horsemen original Tully Blanchard, the granddaughter of the late wrestler Joe Blanchard

With origins like that and origins of another wrestling legend’s daughter, WWE’s Charlotte Flair, it is a lot of pressure to maintain that legacy but like Flair, Blanchard has more than created her own legacy.

Blanchard made her wrestling debut as a part of Women Superstars Uncensored. She won her first match with the promotion approximately 4 months after her debut. After her time in WSU, Blanchard made stops for prominent women’s promotion SHINE Wrestling as well as Lucha Underground for a short stint.

Then Blanchard went to WWE as potential “enhancement talent”. It is a brutal way to define it, but she was there to put other people over. Her first match was in NXT against future RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, a match in which she lost.

A few weeks later Blanchard had a match with future RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax in a losing effort.

After that, Blanchard faced off against future Smackdown Women’s Champion and two-time Miss Money In The Bank Carmella.
A year later, Blanchard was involved in the first Mae Young Classic tournament where women from NXT as well as WWE prospects and defined women’s wrestlers competed for prominence and a future women’s championship match.

Unfortunately Blanchard lost to eventual Mae Young Classic winner as well as former NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane.

Do you notice a pattern here?

Blanchard was downed by all of these women that WWE felt had a better upside than her and while it may have been somewhat true with Bliss, WWE screwed up with Tessa Blanchard.

She should have never been used as a, pardon my language, jobber but that’s how she was treated. You could clearly see in her matches with Bliss, Jax and Carmella and her match with Sane that Blanchard had untapped potential but unfortunately, they didn’t believe so.

After her time in WWE, Blanchard went on to show that they made a HUGE mistake.

Making An Impact

She made more stops at Zelo Pro Wrestling, Stardom and Queens of Combat before she made her mark in Impact Wrestling.

She won her first match against Kiera Hogan and won her first PPV match against Allie at Slammiversary but then she went on to lose her first match to Madison Rayne.

Then Blanchard went on to become the Impact Knockouts Champion by defeating Su Yung and Allie.

It was at this time where Blanchard really began to show how much of a diamond she truly was.

She defended her championship against every challenger that came for her from Su Yung to eventual rival Taya Valkyrie who then ended her 6-month reign earlier this year thanks to “questionable” officiating by wrestling veteran Gail Kim.

Blanchard made it her mission to make Gail Kim pay. She didn’t care about the Knockouts Championship or anything else. The only thing she wanted was to make Kim pay. So she got what she wanted.

At Rebellion, Blanchard defeated Gail Kim in Kim’s last official pro wrestling match.

Also this year, Blanchard became the Women of Wrestling Women’s Champion.

Her impact outside of Impact Wrestling has grown immensely.

She was involved in a Four Way against Madison Rayne, Britt Baker and Chelsea Green at All In, the precursor event to the rise of All Elite Wrestling.
Blanchard also signed with historic Mexican promotion AAA and she’s done what few female performers are willing to do these days.

She has broken the barrier when it comes to the taboo of intergender wrestling, facing any male performer willing to face her.

In such a short time, Blanchard has won multiple women’s championships in big and small promotions. Traveling from company to company, dipping her feet in every pool.

Best In The World

Tessa Blanchard is 23 almost 24 years old. TWENTY-FOUR YEARS OLD.

Regardless of what you think about meaningful accomplishments and which championships are valid, Blanchard has significantly put her stamp on women’s wrestling.

Like I mentioned, multiple time women’s champion and if you count up the number of championships she has won, she’s won more championships than 9-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

She’s won more championships than multiple time women’s champions Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Shayna Baszler, Becky Lynch and so many more women.

Blanchard doesn’t call herself a Diamond for nothing. Honestly, I believe Blanchard’s ceiling hasn’t even been reached yet. She is nowhere near her prime, yet she has accomplished more than most veterans of the business right now.

Blanchard was even deemed with such distinctions as 2018 Knockout of The Year and listed #15 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s PWI Women’s 100 List, defining the 100 best women’s wrestlers in the world.

When I see Blanchard, she reminds me of WWE legend, the late Chyna.

Not only does she have that strength and appeal that Chyna had but she has the attitude that Chyna has.

That attitude of not being afraid to make her mark on wrestling.

That attitude of facing all competitors, male and female.

That attitude of knowing that she is the best in the world and few people can argue with that.

That is why Chyna was and still is one of the most revolutionary women in women’s wrestling history.

Chyna was not afraid of stereotypes or generalizations.

She got into the ring and did what she did best, beat everyone who stood in her way.

So why do I say that Tessa Blanchard is the best in the world?

Talent aside, championships aside, is there anyone outside of WWE that’s made more of a statement than her especially in the United States? No? I didn’t think so.

She has carried herself as the Heel that she was meant to be.

She hasn’t conformed to the ideals of what a women’s wrestler should be.

WWE couldn’t see the potential in Tessa and look what happened…she became one of the most sought out names in wrestling.

At one point she was a free agent and it was open season to acquire her services and WWE could have resigned her, but she made the smart decision and decided to put her creative freedom before a large check.

She has YEARS and YEARS more to elevate herself to the heights of legends like Trish Stratus, Lita and The Fabulous Moolah and current stars like Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and so many more.

She has proven she can carry the torch in multiple promotions as their champion while continuing to put women’s wrestling on the map.
The sky is the limit for any wrestler and the limit for Tessa is immense.

If she stays with Impact Wrestling over the next decade, she can continue to make her impact.

If later down the line, Tessa decides to sign with All Elite Wrestling or goes back to WWE, she will continue to establish her name and eventually be in the Hall of Fame.

Whatever she decides to do throughout the rest of her career, Tessa has a huge wave of momentum and while diamonds are forever, there’s only one diamond in pro wrestling…

And that is Tessa Blanchard.

J.D. Phillips