Disney Plus: What You need to Know

It seems today that Disney is in control of everything. With all the ships seemingly under one banner. Disney has decided to enter the online streaming Market with “Disney Plus”.

Disney Plus has recently announced new shows and release dates concerning their new streaming service. They are calling it the future of Disney and with the shows already planned, we can see why. With the acquisition of huge names like “ESPN” , “PIXAR”,  “Marvel” and “Star Wars”, the news of bringing new life to a streaming channel is great news for fans new and old alike.

At this week’s D23 Expo, Disney let out a tidal wave of news concerning what they have in store for the next year. The announcements are startling by the stars they’ve gotten to reprise their roles. Including Ewan Mcgregor starring as Obi Wan Kenobi in his own series, Tom Hiddleston playing Loki in his own vehicle and Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in the Marvel duo “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. On top of this, they have also announced three live-action Marvel Shows. Moon Knight, She-Hulk and the highly praised Ms. Marvel. It also announced a reboot of Lizzie Mcguire of Hillary Duff’s fame and a new Muppet series.

If you’re a Boba Fett fan then they also have a show for you. They released a new trailer for “The Mandalorian” starring Pedro Pascal with Jon Favreau Being the showrunner and guests like Taika Waititi doing some voices and directing a few episodes. The series is a live-action Star Wars series that looks like a western set in space. Which is always the right recipe for me.

The service itself is allowing four simultaneous streams at once and allows you to create up to seven profiles to allow you to customize your show preferences. Unlike some competitors, however, the company will release episodes weekly in contrast to Netflix releasing a season at once. These shows will be released in 4k and HDR high-quality videos.

After all of these announcements, the most surprising one is the price. Being one of the lower costing streaming services out there starting at 7 dollars a month. Costing a fraction of HBO and Netflix. It’s hard to say whether this will be the new standard for everyone. A new business always bumps before success but I think it’s easy to say if you are a fan of Star Wars and Marvel this is definitely great news for you.

Dano Holzwart