Disney Star Wars Land Hotel Opens Next Year

Disney Star Wars Land Hotel Opens Next Year

Here’s what you need to know.

Disneyland’s very successful Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attraction has garnered as much audience as it has mystery. With a slow start but an ever-growing crowd and success rate, Disney has decided to open a fully immersive hotel right across the street from the park in Orlando, Florida. With a two-day Star cruise like environment. The concept is promised as a 24/7 fully immersive universe, more like Westworld than an original stay at a themed hotel. This fully enthralling storytelling experience is starting at a whopping $3,300 for five in one of their starcruiser cabins. 

While aboard their starcruiser the Halycron, there will be such activities as rigorous lightsaber training, relaxing in the Silver C Lounge, enjoying a game of sabacc while being served drinks by a member dressed as a purple twi’lek (As shown in concept art recently released). While in other areas of the ship, children can go to a hydro spanner to do work in the engineering room. More activities to be announced later. While waiting at the hotel terminal, guests will be taken away from the star cruiser in a launch pod. Instead of windows, you have video ports that will show realistic space outside. Also, there will be ground transport to Batuu, the Star Wars themed park on the ground. It is promised to stay in the story the entire trip including when you leave the hotel to go to the park. Truly trying to balance the love people have for Disney with the fandom connected to Star Wars. 

Disney has doubled down on its Star wars goals. With the release of their newest dream, “The Rise of The Resistance.” The attraction slated for release tomorrow will be on Walt Disney’s birthday. Disney is calling “The Rise of the Resistance” a multi-platform experience in the most immersive and advanced attraction ever imagined in a Disney park. 

To tie in with the night Star Wars movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which opens on December 20th worldwide. Disney has a bunch of new destinations coming to Star tours rides in Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disney.

It seems Disney is going all-in for Star Wars fans, and we couldn’t be happier. Disneyland’s Star Wars land is putting their best foot forward and spending the money to make a well-rounded and great vacation spot for fans of all ages for years to come.