Domingo German and the Moral Dilemma

I have been a Yanks fan since Moses wore short pants. This piece is designed to offer perspective on athletes or anyone in difficult situations. Not to pom pom or champion German. Thursday, we found out Domingo was placed on administrative leave, due to a domestic violence situation. Later reports came out, an MLB official witnessed German slap his girlfriend in public. That is pretty despicable, if true. The man deserves his day in court, or an investigation either way. This is a crazy situation, to pile on to the bevy of crap, the Yankees have already dealt with.

If proven to be true, a black mark will forever be on his name. As well as a monumental letdown to his teammates and organization. That is secondary to the seriousness of the act. Can an athlete be forgiven? We certainly don’t deserve to be judge and jury, but certain things can’t bring redemption.

Violence of any kind, harming children or animals, and excessive hard drug use are usually acts that should be reprehensible offenses. No, not marijuana. Time will tell as to what comes of this.

Where do we draw the line? Where does baseball? If Mike Trout did it, would it be covered up?

Let’s talk about it.