Eater of the Crow – Fantasy Football Edition 2

Among the hardest things in fantasy football, as in life, is admitting when you’re wrong. It’s also a sign of maturation and evolution. We need to embrace our mistakes, so we may learn from them. I will lead by example, as I am, the Eater of the Crow.

Jimmy Garropolo – No one has been harder on Jimmy G than I have been. I’ve said all offseason that Jimmy G was the most overrated fantasy quarterback in the draft, and while I maintain that position based on his ADP, this week, he proved me wrong. The 49ers have a young trio of running backs to lean on, and a group of non-descript yet enthusiastic wide receivers who are making plays. The 49ers will have a home matchup against the basement-dwelling Pittsburgh Steelers, who just lost their quarterback for the season. 

Kyler Murray – I was never sure about the Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury experiment, but I knew it couldn’t be any worse than what they were doing in Arizona the year prior. I was legitimately impressed by Murray and what he’s been able to accomplish in his two starts so far in the NFL. I thought Arizona was walking into a massacre in Baltimore, but Murray made plays all game long and kept the game respectable, even in an inevitable loss. It was like that scene in Avengers: Infinity Wars, when Cap is holding back Thanos’ gauntlet, and Thanos smiles because he’s impressed by Cap’s perseverance and strength. In this situation, Baltimore’s defense was Thanos and Murray was Cap. If Murray ever gets a Mjolnir, watch out.

Aaron Jones – Free Aaron Jones! After struggling in the season opener against the Chicago Bears, Aaron Jones went off against a tough Vikings defense. Jones carried the ball 23 times for 116 yards and a touchdown and even threw in 4 catches for 34 yards. If Jones was seeing this kind of volume weekly, he’d have been a first round pick in fantasy football drafts. Owners just have to hope that new coach Matt LaFleur is able to see the clear difference in talent between Aaron Jones and the rest of the Green Bay running backs, and continues to lean on Jones for the rest of the season.

Brandin Cooks – I’m not going to go too hard on myself here because if Brandin Cooks had not caught a 2-yard touchdown on Sunday, he would have busted as I predicted. Ultimately, the pecking order for the Rams wide receivers still has Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods ahead of Cooks, but Cooks will have his weeks. This is one of those weeks, and so I will eat a little bit of crow here.

Larry Fitzgerald – Delivering a much larger portion of crow to eat is Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is simply timeless, producing even in a tough road matchup against one of the leagues better defenses. The Cardinals have run more 3 and 4 wide receiver sets than any other team in the league, and with all that action, it’s Fitzgerald’s veteran presence and savvy that has allowed him to continue to get open and be a valuable PPR fantasy football player. Until he or Kyler Murray gets hurt, Fitzgerald is a locked-in flex starter or WR 3 in fantasy football, again.

Jared Cook – I tend to get wrapped up in players who produced that I didn’t think would do much of anything, but now it’s time to look at the opposite end of that spectrum. I had very high hopes for Jared Cook heading into the season, and those hopes have been dashed by two lackluster performances from Cook and now a thumb injury to Drew Brees. The entire basis of my theory that Jared Cook would be a valuable fantasy football tight end was that Drew Brees could help him to become more consistent on a week to week basis. With Brees out, those projections are out, and I don’t know what to think of Cook anymore other than he’s a middling tight end option I’d rather not have on my team.

San Francisco 49ers Defense – I had to check this again, but the 49ers defense is the 2nd highest scoring defense in fantasy football through 2 weeks, behind only the New England Patriots. I thought the front seven was decent, but never did I expect the 49ers to boast a top-five defense at any point in the season. In fact, I thought this team would end up among the defenses to target for offensive matchups. Well, I’m eating some crow, and I may have to eat some more as the season progresses.