Eater of the Crow – Fantasy Football Edition 5

Among the hardest things in fantasy football, as in life, is admitting when you’re wrong. It’s also a sign of maturation and evolution. We need to embrace our mistakes, so we may learn from them. I will lead by example, as I am, the Eater of the Crow.

Gardner Minshew – I have quickly become a huge fan of the Moustachioed Magician, Gardner Minshew. Minshew Mania is taking off as the 6th round draft pick continues to play beyond expectations, nearly delivering a road win against a tough Carolina Panthers defense. Unfortunately, this is a situation where I have to eat some personal crow. I allowed my head to get in the way of my heart and in a league where I badly needed a win, I ended up playing Mason Rudolph over Gardner Minshew. It cost me my week as I lost by less than 15 points, the difference in points scored between the two quarterbacks. Sad face emoji.

David Montgomery – He saved you with the touchdown, but David Montgomery has not been the running back I saw in the preseason. Part of it is that he’s not allowed to be the superstar he truly is in this confusing Matt Nagy offense, but it’s also because the offense simply isn’t playing well as a whole. Whether it’s been Mitch Trubisky or Chase Daniel, the quarterback play for this team has been lackluster, and that’s putting it nicely. I still have faith in Montgomery going forward, but through 5 weeks, he isn’t returning on the investment that was his ADP.

Josh Jacobs – I think I allowed my feelings of Jon Gruden to affect my feelings of Josh Jacobs. In a deep keeper league, I’m in, I drafted Jacobs out of obligation because I had the first overall pick and he was the best player available. Ultimately, I traded him before the season started for Damien Williams and Desean Jackson. This has turned out to be a regrettable trade, as Damien Williams and D-Jax have been sidelined with injuries, while Josh Jacobs continues to pick up steam. Josh Jacobs has become a must-start after getting it done against arguably the best defense in the league.

MVS – This one hurts the most. I went out on a limb for Marquez Valdes-Scantling, going so far as to say I thought he had an actual value of a fifth-round pick but was being drafted much later. The fact is, the Packers offense isn’t pushing the ball down the field the way I thought they would be and it’s affecting MVS, whose specialty is the deep routes. In fact, I had predicated my evaluations of MVS on the idea that he would have splash weeks due to big plays from Aaron Rodgers. So far, that has only happened once.

Tyler Eifert – This had nothing to do with Tyler Eifert and everything to do with the Arizona Cardinals. The only reason Eifert was listed as a start of the week was that he was playing the Cardinals. For the first time this season, the Cardinals actually stopped the tight ends from ravaging them in the stat sheets. I’m not going to get too down on myself here, because I believe the theory will still prove out through the rest of the season.

Jared Cook – It figures the week I finally start to give up on Jared Cook he performs well. This season is becoming the quintessential Cook season; you’ll start him for several weeks with no results and when you finally bench him, he goes off. At this point, I’m not trading for him and I’m not playing him. I would drop him today for Gerald Everett.

Bears Defense – The Oakland Raiders have forced me to eat crow several times this year and this is another instance in which they’ve upended what I think about the team. The Bears are considered the best defense in the NFL and the Raiders straight-up bullied them on both sides of the ball. The Raiders offensive line is performing far beyond expectations and is pushing opposing defenders around, opening holes for the rookie revelation, Josh Jacobs. The Raiders have essentially been humiliated since trading away star defensive player Khalil Mack, but this game was one of redemption for Gruden and the Raiders. As far as the Bears go, they’re still a top defensive unit and I would be quick to pick them up if they get dropped anywhere.