Eli Manning Future Hall of Famer

Eli Manning Future Hall Of Famer

Unless you live under a rock you know Eli Manning has decided to retire from the NFL at the age of 39. The Former two time Superbowl MVP and Champion said: “I walk away as a New Yorker.” That is the way you should leave. At your own will!

Eli was drafted in 2004, first overall, by the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers traded him to the New York Giants for a package that included the number 4 pick, quarterback Phillip Rivers. Eli would go on to play his whole career for the New York Giants and in that time he won two Superbowls both against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, one of which the Patriots came in 18-0 and their only loss was the big game. He also was Superbowl MVP on both occasions. Also to Eli’s credit in 2016, he was honored as the Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year.

He has career stats of 57,023 yards, 366 Touchdowns, 244 interceptions, an 84.1 career passer rating, and a 60% completion rate. He had a great career in the NFL and does deserve a spot in the NFL Hall Of Fame. Does he deserve to be first ballot? No, not at all but he does deserve to one day be inducted alongside his brother. Peyton will be inducted first ballot in 2021.

The Manning boys meant a lot to the NFL and I am proud that I got to watch them both win 2 Superbowls each (even though Peyton’s first one was against my Chicago Bears). We got to see greatness on and off the field by two amazing quarterbacks and brothers.

You deserve this retirement Eli and enjoy every minute of it we will see you one day in Canton!