End the NFL Preseason-Bring in the XFL

Could the preseason big a bigger waste of time? We rarely see teams play their starters and for good reasoning at that. No one wants to risk serious injury to anyone crucial to their regular season success. I don’t think any of us are mad about this notion but we are mad about is having meaningless football for a month. So here’s is my what-if scenario and how the XFL could take perfect advantage of this.

Now we all know generally the preseason is for the bottom of the roster and training camp players vying to make NFL rosters. Rosters are trimmed down from 90 to 53 in a matter of weeks and that leaves roughly 1,184 players without a job. Barring injury of course. Here’s where the XFL comes into play.

The XFL launches in the spring of 2020 with aspirations to stand on its own. They will have 8 teams, 7 of those teams will be located in NFL cities hoping to pick up the fan base, but what if the XFL held its season exactly 12 weeks,10 regular season games, and 2 playoff games before the NFL season began. Do you guys get where I’m going with this?

If the XFL had their season through the summer, leading up to opening Sunday, the NFL teams could use those 12 weeks to scout talent and decide whether the players are good enough to make the 53 man roster. 12 weeks would give plenty to take a look at it. I know, I know the XFL is requiring all players to sign 2-year deals and providing no NFL out clauses in their contracts.

Exactly why this is a what if scenario.

Think about the possibilities here, we could essentially shrink training camp and rookie camp if they have potential players learning pro systems. This possibly could speed up player development. The ratings and the possible big money potential for the XFL would be a smart play by founder Vince Mcmahon.

Now, both leagues will never collaborate with each other, but eventually, it would be cool to see something like this for us die-hard football fans.

College players, undrafted players, and bottom of the roster players also have another chance to shine on the bright lights.

If you’re not down with that I got two words for ya……

Justin Patterson