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Flashback Friday 1991

What team started their NBA Dynasty? Who were the Superbowl Champs? What was the Minimum wage? What was the number one song? All these answers and more as you hop into the Flashback Friday time machine with Robbie.G and find out all about

Mac Miller From A Fans Eye

Throughout the history of Music, artists have come along who changed the face of music. Whether it was through one song or whole albums. For me, that artist was Mac Miller. Mac Miller grew up a white kid from the streets of Philadelphia.

LL Cool J Speaks Out

LL Cool J has always said he was the greatest rapper of all time but now he says he has another reason to give him that status! The rapper turned actor said he was the first rapper to add heartfelt love songs into the genre!

Top 10 Albums of All Time

Top 10 Albums of All Time Hi AEE Universe I'm Robbie.G and I am a huge music guy. I grew up listening to all kinds of music from rap to country and rock to pop music. If it sounded good to me I would listen. Just so everyone gets a

Kenny Rogers has died at 81

Country music legend Kenny Rogers has died at 81. It was announced on his official twitter account that he passed away at 10:25 pm, Friday night because of natural causes. Rogers spent his last moments in hospice care surrounded by family