Evaluating the Playoff Picture: NFC Edition

Evaluating the Playoff Picture: NFC Edition

1.) 49ers (9-1): Now with the 49ers we talked earlier in the season how important it was for them to win early on (which they have) because their schedule is deadly down the stretch. The next 3 games are against Green Bay, Baltimore, New Orleans and they close the season at Seattle, in a game that could likely be for the division and a bye.

Prediction: Lock; Wildcard (#5 Seed)

2.) Packers (8-2): Coming off a bye week with healthy seeding. Green Bay is looking like they’ll be at home in January with games against the Niners, Giants, Redskins, Vikings, Bears. I like Green Bay to finish really strong.

Prediction: Lock; Home field advantage

3.) Saints (8-2): The ugly loss to the Falcons a few weeks ago probably cost this team a bye but with 2 games against the Panthers and the Falcons the Saints are my lock to win their division.

Prediction: Lock; NFC South Champs (#3 Seed)

4.) Cowboys (6-4): The Cowboys right now are the worst team in the NFC playoff field. Especially after getting outclassed at home by the Vikings and then struggling with the Jeff Driskel led Lions. Their schedule isn’t a cakewalk either with the Patriots, Bills (Thanksgiving), Rams, Bears, and Eagles left.

Prediction: Likely, NFC East Champs(#4 Seed)

5.) Seahawks (8-2): The bye came at the right time for Seattle. However, the slate is tough to close out the season with Minnesota, and the 49ers in the coming weeks. Seattle needs to buckle down and Russell Wilson needs to lock up the NFL MVP award for this Hawks team.

Prediction: Lock, NFC West Champs (#2 Seed) Bye

6.) Vikings (8-3): Struggling with a bad Broncos team isn’t what we wanted to see out of the Vikes, who have played well most of the year. But I do like their chances moving forward. It’s hard to imagine anyone else sneaking up on them and getting in.

Prediction: Lock, Wildcard (#6 Seed)

Outside Looking In:

Rams (6-4): The defending NFC champions are going to have to really make a push to have a shot to defend their crown. But of all the teams grasping for air in the race, I like the Rams the best. They are going to have to beat good teams if they want to get in, with the Ravens, Seahawks, and 49ers left on the schedule.

Eagles (5-5): The only way for the Eagles to make the playoffs is by winning the NFC East. This isn’t out of the question but it is a long shot.