FANTASTICA MANIA 2020 (Night Seven)




Korakuen Hall

By: Gary Schweder 

I wish more wrestling promotions did partnership events like FANTASTICA MANIA. It breaks up the monotony and brings new style. NJPW’s partnership with CMLL has been very important. The Mexican influence has changed the junior division. Without CMLL there’s no Los Ingobernables de Japon or tranquilo Naito. 

On night seven we will honor Black Cat, a Mexican wrestler who was highly influential in establishing the Japan relationship. We will also see two title matches.

1) Namajague & Luciferno def Yota Tsuji & Audaz:

Yota Tsuji showed a lot of personality during the match. Tsuji shoulder tackled Namajague out of the ring, but fell victim to a lucha tag. Namajague and Luciferno started to get on each other’s nerves. Audaz did a lot of highflying, but flipped into a right hand. Tsuji was really hunting for a signature victory, but fell victim to a bridging German from Namajague. (7m 48s)

2) Guerrero Maya Jr., Flyer & Soberano Jr. def DOUKI, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Tiger:

Soberano Jr. got a good crowd reaction. Soberano Jr. took control with his quickness, but flipped right into a triple team. The rudos decided that they would ignore the referee and triple team exclusively. The técnicos had a furious comeback that was almost ended by a Douki rollup. Douki then ate a combination of moves capped off by a sitdown piledriver from Soberano Jr. (7m 29s)

3) Titán, Niebra Roja & Ángel de oro def Forastero, Cuatrero & Sanson:

Titán, Roja and Ángel hit a flurry of aerial maneuvers capped off by a triple tope. Niebra Roja looked great in the match. Roja’s quickness caused miscommunication between his opponents. Just like Soberano Jr in the second match, Titán flipped his way into a triple team. The rudo team hit Roja with a triple basement drop kick. In a reversal of the Family Tag Tournament, Ángel hit a top rope hurricanrana. Ángel then submitted Sanson with a La Mecedora. (12m 26s)


Stuka Jr. (c) def OKUMURA:

Audaz joined Stuka Jr. to even the odds, since OKUMURA has Mima Shimoda in his corner. After much success through the air, Stuka Jr. went to the well once too often. OKUMURA dodged his dive like a bullfighter. Mima Shimoda tried to get involved, but ate an OKUMURA chop. Stuka Jr. dragged Mima into the ring and took position on the top rope. It looked as if Stuka Jr. would splash the poor woman, but dove in the opposite direction hitting OKUMURA instead. Mima eventually succeeded in getting involved, but it again backfired as she was suplexed onto OKUMURA. The mishap allowed Stuka Jr. to retain. (10m 25s) 

5) BUSHI, Shingo Takagi & EVIL def Ryusuke Taguchi, Fuego & Dulce Gardenia:

The crowd was booing LIJ during the match. It is a testament to how popular Dulce Gardenia has become over the tour. What I love the most is it looks like the exótico is genuinely having fun. LIJ left EVIL to deal with Dulce’s antics. EVIL lost his cool and threw a water bottle. LIJ, upset with his online trash talk, went after Dulce’s hair. Taguchi tried to hold BUSHI for Dulce’s kiss. BUSHI ducked and Dulce mistakenly planted a kiss on Taguchi. Fuego tried to pin down BUSHI again, but this time Dulce took a Poison Mist to the face. This allowed BUSHI to pin Dulce with a BUSHI roll. (12m 1s)


Último Guerrero (c) def Satoshi Kojima:

The two wrestlers took a moment to judge the loyalties of the crowd. After some back and forth the action spilled outside. Último tossed Kojima around the arena, including into the “East” sign. Último imitated Koji’s machine gun chops, only to have Kojima show him how it’s done. Kojima kicked out of a Guerrero special. Último kicked out of a Koji Lariat. Último hit a second Guerrero Special for the win, making me a sad Bread Club. (13m 5s)


Tiger Mask, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Carístico def Bárbaro Cavernario, Euforia & Negro Casas:

They began with a ceremony with Black Cat’s family. Tanahashi has face paint on again. The rudos took control early with double and triple teams. Bárbaro and Euforia  hilariously botched an assisted springboard. Tiger mask hit a Tiger Driver that gave the técnicos an opening. Carístico kept the momentum by consistently besting two opponents at once. A hard hitting exchange between Tanahashi and Negro. Tana ended the match with a high fly flow. After, Carístico suggested that his upcoming match Bárbaro should be hair vs mask. Tanahashi took the microphone. Tana talked about how much Black Cat meant to his career and reminded everyone that he loves us all. (11m 23s)