Fantasy Sit/Start List – D/ST Edition – Week 2

Week 1 has come and gone for the 2019 NFL regular season. As we continue the regular season, let’s take a look at the best starts and sits heading into Week 2 of your fantasy football matchups.

Start of the Week: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

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This is about as obvious as it gets. After getting thoroughly beat down by the Baltimore Ravens, the Miami Dolphins seem like easy pickings. After thoroughly beating down the Pittsburgh Steelers, a far superior team to the Dolphins, the New England Patriots look like they’re headed back to another Super Bowl. Start the Patriots with confidence.

Start – Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Thursday night matchups tend to be low scoring affairs compared to Sunday regular season games, so I already like the Panthers as a streaming option. When you factor in how Jameis Winston looked last week, the Panthers are likely to be among the most popular streaming options for defense this week.

Start – Baltimore Ravens vs Arizona Cardinals: The Baltimore Ravens just finished smacking around the Miami Dolphins, and I expect them to do the same to the Arizona Cardinals. I like Kyler Murray and some of the weapons around him, but the Ravens defense is too good, and I expect Murray to spend most of the day running for his life.

Start – Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets: With news breaking that Sam Darnold will not play in the Monday Night Football game due to an illness (mono), the Cleveland Browns defense has suddenly become a must-start. The Jets looked average against a tough Bills defense, and without Darnold on the field, I think this team gets taken to the woodshed by a Browns team looking to rebound after a poor week one performance.

Start – Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Gardner Minshew may have looked like the second coming of Tom Brady in relief work against the Kansas City Chiefs, but it’s a lot different to come into a game than to start one. The Houston Texans will be game planning against a rookie sixth round pick, so I might take my chances on starting the Texans defense.

Start – Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos: Joe Flacco looked positively average in his debut with the Denver Broncos. Though the Broncos are a much better home team than they are on the road, I expect that to translate more to the defensive side of the ball than the offense. In what could be a low scoring matchup, I’m fine with streaming the Denver Broncos.

Sit of the Week: New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns

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With Sam Darnold being declared out due to his illness, the New York Jets are in a world of trouble. I think this will translate to the defense, as I could see New York struggling to complete third downs, resulting in more possessions for the Cleveland Browns. The Browns offense will also be looking to rebound, and with the talent they have on this team, I’d be surprised if they didn’t drop at least 3 to 4 touchdowns on this iteration of the Jets.

Sit – Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints: One of the highest drafted defenses in fantasy football, the Los Angeles Rams are usually a good bet to produce a solid fantasy football output. However, they face one of the best offenses in the NFL in the New Orleans Saints, and I think this will be a high scoring matchup that I’d rather avoid for defensive streaming options.

Sit – Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings: The Green Bay Packers defense looked stellar in the season opener against the rival Chicago Bears. Even though the defense looked good and will be playing at home, I can’t start them with any confidence against the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll be sitting both defenses in this matchup.

Sit – New York Giants vs Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen rewarded fantasy football players who streamed the New York Jets last week by creating multiple turnovers, resulting in a nice stat line for the Jets defense. The Giants defense is worse than the Jets in my opinion, and I think Josh Allen will be one of the highest scoring quarterbacks in fantasy football this week. Sit the Giants defense.

Sit – Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts: The Titans had an excellent game against an overhyped and overmatched Cleveland Browns squad, but I don’t think they’ll be able to squash the Colts the same way. First, it’s a division rival, meaning the Colts will be playing with a bit of extra spunk, and second, the Colts offense showed they can be dangerous as they pushed the Los Angeles Chargers to overtime last week. I’m not streaming the Titans in this matchup.

Sit – Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders: The Chiefs offense is the best in the league, but this team lacks parity, as I view their defense as among the worst. The Chiefs defense got carved up by Gardner Minshew, and if the game wasn’t completely out of hand, this could have really bit them in the butt. The Oakland Raiders had a decent offensive outing on Monday Night, so I’m not playing the Chiefs in the hopes that the Raiders will suddenly suck as they were expected to after Antonio Brown’s departure.