Female Thor- Let’s Take a Deeper Look

It has been revealed that for the next Thor movie Natalie Portman will be getting Mjolnir and ‘becoming Thor’. There is a precedent in comics for this, however, I have several things to say about it. Some good, some bad.

Let’s start with the obvious problem. For one we know that Mjolnir was destroyed in Thor Ragnarok during a sibling dispute. Hela was able to crush it with her bare hands, or was destroyed because she held it and it stopped it from returning to Thor. The last place we see the shattered pieces are dropping to the ground in someplace Sweden. Possibly where Asgard ends up by Endgame.

The writer in me finds the story of Thor’s descent into depression, starting with the hammer, ending with him getting the hammer back. With it somewhat ‘glued’ together. It tells a good story that even though Thor broke after the beginning of the Endgame and put himself back together by the end, he is still Thor. Just like the hammer is still Mjolnir.

Now for the problem with that. Unless they are going to do the ‘repaired the legendary weapon’ thing. How are they going to get the hammer back? If they do repair it, why give it away to his ex-girlfriend?

These questions come from my problem with them tearing apart the character progression of Thor.

Now onto the role being played by Natalie Portman. Nothing against her as a person, but I am not a fan of her acting style. She has shown hints of being able to play a strong character on the big screen, but not to a level that I feel is worthy of being the God of Thunder. When I think back to her, I remember her more being whiny, specifically when Anakin Skywalker starts to kill her.

Now with all that being said, does that mean she is doomed to be horrible at the role, no. In fact, I would say hell no on that. She was the little kid in the Professional and has played roles I didn’t expect from her before. So I am not writing her off, just count me as a skeptic.

Now for the comic book side of the conversation. This has happened in comics, where the Superhero Valkyrie became ‘Thor’. In the comic, he became unworthy because he felt that he was. It’s complicated, but the cliff notes are that he was convinced that mortals would be better off without Gods because of how destructive they are. During this time he wielded an ax that could only be carried by someone if they were not worthy of being Thor.

For the record I find that to be cheating.

The hammer was given to a fledgling superhero by the name of Valkyrie who really didn’t have powers at that point, just modeled herself after Thor. The hammer found its way to her, where she becomes the ‘female Thor’. We already have a Valkyrie and the actress has done an amazing job. Even taking over as temporary or possibly permanent leader of the Asgardians. Though in fairness, the comic character of Valkyrie shares the same real name as Natalie Portman’s character.

So in comics, there is a precedent. The other side is during this time, he wasn’t carrying the hammer of Thor, he was wielding the weapon that Stormbreaker was designed to look like. Mjolnir of the Ultimate universe. So for them to go that route would require them to confirm different universes. Spiderman did tease us with that, but it was said by Mysterio, you figure it out.

To make a long story short, I leave this in Marvel’s court. The last time I was prepared to be disappointed by a movie was Antman. It became one of my favorites. Although for the record Paul Rudd being awesome does help. Of course, this is all assuming that he becomes ‘unworthy’. So I leave it with, we will see.