First Impression – Kemono Michi: Rise Up

What’s the show about: During the final match of his career, professional wrestler Animal Mask (AKA: Shibata Genzo) is summoned to another world by a magical princess, and is asked to wipe out all the monsters and the Demon King in their land. Due to a misunderstanding, Genzo german suplexes the princess and dedicates himself to improving the relationship between humans, demon beasts, and beastpeople.

Genzo entering the ring surrounded by fog machines. subtitle: the man who loves animals a little too much!

My Opinion: This anime is hilarious and works off one joke, which is in the screencap above. Now, take that love for animals and put it into a world filled with anthropomorphic animals and Kemonomimi’s, and the hilarity ensues in the most uncomfortable way.

Genzo’s overwhelming desire to pet furry things, regardless of gender, gets uncomfortable quickly as the characters can speak and aren’t giving consent towards his hilarious violation of personal space. The Bishie Sparkle shots are in full swing in this episode, playing out Genzo’s love for animals in this weird bisexual furry kind of way, but that’s the charm of his character.

Gendo clenching his fist. subtitle: I simply love all animals regardless of gender!

Shigure, a wolf-girl, is the only supporting cast at the moment. She’s a bit of an airhead, but there’s a certain amount of cunning to her, as she tells us that she was once a business owner. Based on the opening, there are other characters coming into play, but only time will tell when they arrive, and no doubt each character will have a different personality that raises Genzo’s character, while also providing hilarity with the other cast.

I suppose, technically, this would be another Isekai anime. So if you’re a fan of Konsuba or That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime or How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord then this will be another anime for you and your list. In the end, I give this anime…

Image result for three and a half star rating