Five Big Surprises WWE Could Pull off at the Royal Rumble

Five Big Surprises WWE Could Pull off at the Royal Rumble

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The Royal Rumble is upon us. Let’s take a look at 5 shocks that WWE could pull of at this year’s Royal Rumble PPV.

5. Daniel Bryan shocks everyone and ends the Fiend’s streak to become Universal Champion

In November of 2019, The Fiend Bray Wyatt targeted his old Wyatt family member Daniel Bryan. Since then Bray has been able to get in the head of Bryan. The last match between the two took place at Survivor Series in which The Fiend came out victorious. After that, The Fiend dragged Bryan to Hell as some would say and ripped his hair out. A month after that Bryan returned at TLC with a new look and attacked Funhouse Bray. Now here we are in 2020. Last week on Smackdown Daniel’s best friend Kane made his return. This leads to the question will he have any involvement in the Universal Title match Sunday? While Bray did try to attack Kane he came up from underneath the ring and tried to jump him from behind. In which Bryan got the best of him and hit him with a running knee which forced him to retreat as he was retreating Bryan ripped out Bray’s dreadlocks out. I’m sure Bray will respond Friday and I’m really looking forward to their match this Sunday. Maybe just maybe Kane helps his buddy overcome The Fiend. Which would really be a big shock. 

4. Miz and Morrison win the Smackdown Tag Titles

While this match hasn’t been officially announced yet I can bet that this is the direction they’re going. It was announced about a month or two ago that Morrison signed a multi-year deal with WWE. Three weeks ago he returned to our tv screens which he was seen in Miz’s locker room after Miz lost to Kofi. This is where this rivalry started. Miz got his win back with the help of Morrison at ringside a couple of weeks ago but last week for the first time in 8 years Morrison returned to in-ring competition in a WWE ring. Morrsion beat Big E in his return match with the famous starship pain. We will have to see where this goes but I guarantee Miz and Morrison challenge New Day to a tag title match at the Rumble this Friday on Smackdown. Miz and Morrison should win this match when it takes place.

3. Booker T Returns 

Booker T has been teasing a Rumble appearance for about a month now. They’re in his hometown of Houston so now’s the perfect time to have him make an appearance. I wouldn’t be shocked if this happened and he would get a huge pop from his hometown crowd. 

2. Undertaker returns as the American Badass

For years now fans have been wondering when or if we will ever see The American Badass ever again. We haven’t seen Undertaker since last September in which he showed up to cut a promo on Smackdown at Madison Square Garden. Undertaker, who lives in Houston could very well return this time as the American Badass, which is a gimmick that was loved by wrestling fans over the years. It would be cool if we get to number 30 then we hear the buzzer and we hear Deadman walking. Now will this happen? It’s very unlikely but it’s possible you’re gonna have to tune in to the Rumble to find out. 

1. Ronda Rousey returns and wreaks havoc and wins the women’s Royal Rumble

Ronda Rousey hasn’t been seen on WWE television since Wrestlemania. However she’s been seen on her YouTube channel by filming stuff on her farm life and other stuff. Rumors have been making the rounds that Ronda will indeed be in Houston for the Royal Rumble Sunday. This would not shock me one bit and she is my pick to win it this year. It would make sense since Becky didn’t really pin her at Mania last year. If she wins she would more than likely face Becky at Wrestlemania.