Five Horror Movies You Must Watch this Halloween-Edition 1: Halloween

The year was 1978 when the film Halloween was released. It was directed by horror film legend John Carpenter. Carpenter along with Debra Hill wrote the screenplay for the movie. This film would go on to become a huge mainstream success. It would introduce the world to Michael Myers. Michael is a masked killer, who would go on to terrorize the little sleepy town, of Haddonfield, Illinois. A mask that we would see on Halloween night in cities all over America as kids went trick or treating.

As the story goes…Michael Myers was committed to a sanitarium after he murdered his teenage sister on Halloween night. Fifteen years later, Myers would return to Haddonfield. He had escaped, the psych ward after killing anyone who got in his way. Once he escaped he is pursued by his psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis. Loomis was played by veteran British actor Donald Pleasence. This film would be the debut of lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

There has never been a movie, like Halloween. As if the history of Halloween isn’t scary enough, add in Michael Myers and add him to your thoughts on Halloween and we got our us a recipe for terror. The soundtrack of this film was also done by Carpenter. That famous riff on the keyboard, made the movie stand out. It was especially creepy watching Michael pace along to the music.

We have seen many other scary and suspenseful, horror films but this one will always stand out as a masterpiece of fright. The first Halloween film would lead to several sequels in later years. Even a new Halloween film has come out in 2018.

Halloween was historic, every moment Myers stepped out of the shadows, and lurked after his next victim. It was simple yet cinematic genius.

A good scary movie keeps you up at night. Thinking about Michael Myers and this movie was frightening. If you haven’t seen this classic, please be sure to watch it this month.

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