Five Ideal candidates for the Redskins Head coaching job

With the recent firing of Jay Gruden, the Redskins will need to fill their head coaching vacancy. Let’s take a look at five potential candidates.

Five Ideal Head Coaching Candidates for the Redskins

1.) Josh McDaniels: Every year McDaniels will be on this list because every year the Patriots win a lot of games and score a lot of points. Therefore, regardless of how we feel about him, he tops our list.

2.) Deuce Staley: Probably the most under the radar guy on the list but Staley has been a long-time assistant head coach in Philly working under Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, and Doug Pedersen.

3.) Rex Ryan: Ryan has been out of coaching for three years since getting canned by the Bills. But, in my opinion, I think Ryan is a better coach than most guys roaming the sidelines now.

4.) Kris Richard: The former Seahawks defensive coordinator and current Cowboys defensive play-caller could work some magic with that nasty front seven in Washington.

5) Urban Meyer: Probably the most shocking of all but why not? Meyer is one of the greatest football coaches of all time and with connections to the face of the franchise rookie QB Dwayne Haskins, Myer should at least be considered.