Five Surprises WWE Could Pull off at Survivor Series

Five Surprises WWE Could Pull off at Survivor Series

5. NXT prevails in all their matches

Ever since NXT invaded Smackdown two weeks ago, it’s been the most talked about thing in WWE. It all started when Shanya Baszler along with Adam Cole and many other NXT stars invaded the blue brand than carried over to the red brand. This has definitely been an interesting storyline so far and we can bet that Triple H has a plan B to help his brand overcome the Main Roster that night.

4. Rey Mysterio becomes WWE Champion

This all started weeks ago on the season premiere of RAW when Brock Lesnar laid out Mysterio’s son Dominick. Weeks after that Brock dominated Mysterio by unleashing a bunch of attacks on Rey and his son. But what if Brock wins? The fact of Brock retaining the title is so upsetting because the guy only shows up whenever he feels like it and we all know that ain’t all that very often. Rey Mysterio has been known as an underdog his whole career and beating Lesnar for the title could be the best thing for him and his career. He could finally get that one last title run before he really hangs up the mask for good. 

3. Seth Rollins betrays RAW and sides with Triple H 

Ever since Rollins won the universal title at Summerslam fans just haven’t been behind him like they used to be. That feud with Bray Wyatt didn’t really help him because Bray was a fan favorite and not everyone was enjoying Rollins’ title reign, as most fans said his run was starting to become stale. Seth Rollins will compete in a Triple Threat tag elimination Survivor Series match which has RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT. Rollins is the team captain, which means if RAW gets a victory you would think it would have to be with the help of Rollins. Here’s how this could go down it could come down to him and Ricochet two members of NXT and two members of SmackDown which could be the moment where Rollins could finally turn on RAW and side himself with Triple H a heel turn would definitely help his career in the long run. 

2. The Undertaker confronts The Fiend

Ever since Bray Wyatt made his return earlier this year he’s been terrorizing the WWE roster every single week. Now it looks like he set sights on his next target that being none other than his former Wyatt Family member Daniel Bryan. This is gonna be really epic considering how much history they have together. I’m sure a lot of people are wondering where is Undertaker after Survivor Series the Deadman will be a special guest on the premiere episode of Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions. Since Bray Wyatt debuted the Fiend gimmick everyone’s been wanting to see the Deadman vs The Fiend. What better way to kick off this feud than to have Taker confront Wyatt after his match. This could potentially lead to a WrestleMania clash between the two which would really glue a lot of eyes to the product. 

1. CM Punk confronts Brock Lesnar 

On the November 12th episode of WWE Backstage Punk made a shocking appearance. However, he is contracted by Fox it doesn’t mean that nothing between him and the WWE could work something out. Yes, Brock is WWE champion again a lot of fans are getting sick of seeing the title on a part-time. But maybe someone could dethrone Brock and his name is CM Punk. If he were to confront Lesnar imagine the pop he would get the fans would blow the rough off the Allstate Arena. It’s kind of a long shot here but never say never no one thought they would see him on WWE Backstage last night. And the chances of seeing him in an actual WWE ring now are high will see how this one plays out.