Forever The Viper’s Nest: Randy Orton Re-signs With WWE

For pretty much all of 2019, WWE has made it an absolute priority to lock down their stars for years.

Some stars that really didn’t need new contracts as they aren’t making many waves in WWE.

And some stars are the backbone of WWE.

But with WWE failing to retain one of their big stars for the last 5 years, Dean Ambrose and ultimately having him not retire from wrestling but join WWE’s newest competition, All Elite Wrestling, they needed to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Earlier this year, they resigned Brock Lesnar…

They resigned Roman Reigns and now they’ve locked up one of their cornerstones for the last 17 years…

That’s right, The Viper, The Apex Predator Randy Orton.

On WWE Backstage last night on FS1, it was announced that Orton had resigned with WWE on a multi-year contract.

And for clarification, Orton himself confirmed that news on Twitter and even stated that he’s going nowhere…at least for the next five years.

WWE has to be relieved especially since there were severe rumors that Orton wouldn’t resign and go to AEW especially with the teasing on Twitter and wanting to have matches with AEW stars like Sammy Guevara.

Triple H definitely is relieved, and he made a statement saying that he’s happy that the rumors have been put to rest and that Orton will stick around for a while longer.

Right now, Orton is 39 years old.

If Orton is to be believed that he signed a five-year contract, then that would put him in WWE at the age of 44.

Now wrestlers wrestling in their 40s is not out of the norm.

The Undertaker is still wrestling part-time in WWE and he’s in his 50s same goes for Triple H. It’s safe to guess that Orton will retire while under contract with WWE just like AJ Styles is rumored to do in the next two years.

The question is how will the next five years go for Randy Orton?

Well over the past 5 years, Orton really hasn’t been a factor. He’s had WWE Championship reigns but nothing significant.

His resume reads like a Stephen King novel…

WWE Champion, United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and Royal Rumble Winner.

He’s main evented WrestleManias and he’s a Grand Slam Winner in WWE.

Right now, Orton is a part of Monday Night RAW due to the WWE Draft so maybe a Universal Championship reign is in his future…or a WWE Championship match with Brock Lesnar…

Time will tell.

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