Christian Bale Set To Join MCU in Next Thor: Love And Thunder!


There have been many actors who have been trying to make the slide from one comic book adaptation to another. Handling both dimensions of Marvel and DC can be extremely difficult. One of the biggest stars that we have hoped to make the leap has been staying in the shadows. Until now. 

Academy Award and two-time Golden Globe winner Christian Bale will co-star in Thor: Love and Thunder. Bale who starred in Christopher Nolan’s, Batman/Trilogy, the Dark Knight Films, will now make the leap over to Marvel’s Universe. Speculation has surrounded the character that he might play in this film. Known for his dramatic roles but being in a Taika Waititi movie, it is hard to say if we won’t get to see some more of his comedic chops. Taika the writer and director is known for his zany characters. Like the fan-favorite, he voiced in Thor: Ragnarok, Korg The Rock freedom fighter. 

Christian Bale Set To Join MCU

So far there are two characters that Christian Bale might play. The first is Balder the brave. A half brother to Thor, fast, strong and the God of light. He would be a great choice for Bale to play. Said to be loved by all that meet Hannah. He would essentially be the more popular and loved brother to Thor. A fun dynamic that we haven’t seen Chris Hemsworth have to deal with. This could prove to be a fun change to Thor as we know him.

My personal choice would be the second option. Beta Ray Bill. Beta Ray Bill was specially made as a bodyguard to an alien race. The scientists of his people transfer his consciousness into this equine like war machine. In the comics, he fights Thor and proves himself worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. After the battle, they have trouble deciding who should keep it. Odin creates a new weapon for Bill to help protect his people, Stormbreaker.

Christian Bale Set To Join MCU

This happening in the comments and not in the Marvel films. In the MCU, Stormbreaker is now wielded by Chris Hemsworth’s “Thor” after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Even though this portrayal of Beta Ray Bill might limit itself to Christian Bale voicing him only. I would love to see this insane character get the Taika Waititi touch and see what it turns into. The filming of Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to start in Australia in August, so we can expect to hear more movie news relatively soon.

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