Former UFC World Champion to Fight Former WWE WorldChampion

Breaking news here on AEE, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz will fight, former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio. Ortiz is 44 and Del Rio is 42.

The bout is scheduled for pay-per-view of Combate Americas’ fight card, which is set for December 7. The event will take place at Payne Arena in Hidalgo, Texas.

The 210-pound catchweight bout will be contested using a Winner Takes All Format. What this means is if Ortiz loses, Ortiz will have to give up one of his UFC Championship Belts. Talk about big implications on this fight. Now if Del Rio, now going under the name, Alberto El Patron comes up short he will hand over one of his WWE titles. This is very unique because of the fact that it’s not exactly Champion vs Champion.

For those that don’t know the former Del Rio is an accomplished MMA fighter in his own right. These two Legends are putting the belts where their mouths are on this one. This kind of fight may only come around a lifetime, once or twice if lucky and Combate Americas’ promises to deliver, to fans worldwide. From the U.S.-Mexico Border.

While this may not be the sexiest fight on paper it really is one of a kind. Both of these men still think they are legitimate badasses. Who’s the bigger badass? You will have to tune in to see.

We have our money on The Huntington Beach Bad Boy!