From a Fan’s Perspective-Dora and The City of Gold

Finally! The most anticipated blockbuster summer movie of the year (maybe the decade) made its release in highly packed theaters across America this past Thursday.

Dora The Freaking Explorer made her live-action debut and it blew EVERYONE away. Ok, maybe a bit of stretch… I mean who watches the Dora movie and writes a review? This guy. My daughter, who just turned 12 and is heading into 7th grade, was absolutely obsessed with Dora at a young age. So much that for a couple of years she referred to me as Boots and insisted that I call her Dora at ALL times, yes this includes in public places.

Of course when we saw the preview a while back for this movie we knew it was a must for us. So much of a must I ordered the tickets a month in advance to get the best seats and we might have shown up for the premiere a week early on accident. Yep, we were excited. Even better we were not disappointed. If your kids grew up watching Dora or her cousin Diego’s show I’m sure you at least caught a glimpse of this and thought this is outrageously corny but better than the other junk on tv for my child.

Knowing the cartoon is almost a must for “Dora And The Lost City Of Gold”. The best part of the movie is the mass amount of sarcasm and how it takes jabs at the cartoon from beginning to end (literally don’t miss the ending credits) because lets face it the kids who watched it are tweens or just super cool and hip now and see the humor in how cheesy the cartoon they adored was. This makes it bearable for us parents and yes there was plenty of laughter in the theater.

The movie is listed as Action/Adventure and while that kind of stuff is there the best part is the comedy. I don’t want to give any spoilers to this soon to be box office hit, with many Academy Awards on the way as well, but I will inform the fans… yes Boots (voiced by Danny Trejo) and Swiper (voiced by Benecio del Toro) play significant roles! Dora who lived in the jungle her whole life is sent to high school in California to join her cousin Diego by her explorer parents played by Eva Longoria and Michael Pena. The parents are hilarious just an FYI.

There are some kidnapping, deadly treefrogs, mercenaries and much more that come into play. Isabela Moner absolutely nails the Dora role, she could not have been better and the friends and foes she makes along her way in this adventure are all played very well. 

As I stated you kind of need to know about Dora for this movie to make sense to you but you’re watching it for your kids, right? I promise better yet guarantee if your kids were Dora fans at any point they will love this movie. 4 out of 5 stars from me for a children’s movie.

Adios amigos until the next adventure!