From The Box Score- New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox-7/26/19

Game two was upon us at Fenway, Friday night, as the Yankees looked to rebound. Unfortunately it was more of the same. James Paxton took the hill and was immediately jumped by Betts and JD, with hr in the first. Leaving it 3 to 0. By the time the 3rd hit, it was Betts and JD, with two more xbh. Next inning Mookie slugged his 3rd homer, leaving the big Maple with 7 er, and left wondering what has gone wrong.

This has been an ugly trend for a week for Yankees starters. The crazy thing is, they still managed to win decently, and legitimately haven’t dropped a series since June. It seems like it has been batting practice for this rotation. Are they tipping pitches? Is it ebbs and flows of a season? It’s ironic that the deadline is less than a week away, where many have pined for more pitching.

Before the horrid stretch, Yankees Sp’s were 4.10 era, good for 10th in baseball.  That number has surpassed the mid 4’s. Dropping them in the upper teens in the rankings. While I’m offering perspective here, I can’t sugarcoat the pressing need to add pitching, and also for the guys here to look in the mirror and know they’re better than this. Simply because they proved it before. 

This game was another Boston laugher. Paxton was pulled for David Hale, who has been used quite a bit. The lead ballooned to 10 to 3. Eventually ending in a 10 to 5 final. Middle relief, guys like Hale, Cessa and Cortes have been used so much of late.  Starters can barely get out of the 4th. So stunningly Aaron Boone has had to turn to high leverage relievers in out of the norm spots. Like last night in a blowout, using Otto and Britton. What real choice does he have? The Yankees offense tries their damndest. These early deficits are a lot to overcome.

I fully believe the Yankees will be fine, and things will normalize within the rotation. They have built this lead for a reason. They do need a sense of urgency right now, though. I expect a new pitcher to boost them, by the 31st. It remains to be seen, who. A game 3 win would be a huge lift for the Yankees. Cc, it’s all you, big guy.

Corey Reighn