Full Gear: Jericho’s First PPV Championship Defense

All Elite Wrestling is on a high after their great All Out PPV last weekend and they are quickly getting themselves into top shape, constantly building their roster as well as planning a bunch of shows when they go live on TNT next month.

They announced their next PPV, AEW Full Gear during All Out and less than 36 hours ago, AEW announced their first big match. The match that was supposed to happen at All Out, Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega but due to illness, Moxley had to pull out of the event.

Now AEW just announced an hour ago another big matchup.

At All Out, Chris Jericho became the first AEW World Champion by defeating Hangman Page. And it has been decided that Chris Jericho’s first PPV opponent as AEW Champion…would be none other than The Founder of AEW, leader of The Elite, the big man of AEW, Cody at Full Gear.

Cody just coming off of a match against Shawn Spears gets a chance to become AEW Champion but with this decision, it has caused some backlash.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of this matchup.


The biggest pro is Cody vs Chris Jericho. I mean these are two spectacular talents. Always have been. Didn’t matter where they went. WWE, ROH (Cody), or NJPW, these two always show what they are made of.

They could very well have a great matchup. It’s definitely a smart way to build publicity especially after The Bubbly Phenomenon with memes of Jericho talking about his love for bubbly champagne. It is a big-ticket match for sure.


Jeff Jarrett…Vince McMahon, two men who have been the head of big-time wrestling promotions in the past. Jarrett owned TNA and GCW until he became to work for Vince McMahon in his current position as a Producer. The reason why I throw out these two names is that both of these men actually went as far to be their company’s World Champion.

We all remember in 1999, Vince McMahon won the WWF/E Championship from his now son-in-law Triple H. He kept it for 4 days, but he is still recognized as a WWE Champion in historical statistics. He also went on to win the ECW Championship under the WWE banner. Let’s not talk about that.

As for Jarrett, yes, he was NWA Champion, but Jarrett was accused of putting himself over before the company. Winning his signature creation King Of The Mountain ladder match multiple times and just having the TNA Championship more than he should have. This is where Cody comes in.

Sure Tony Khan is the billionaire backer, but Cody is the President of the company.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Cody is less or as talented as Jeff Jarrett or Vince McMahon because in-ring, he is a million times better talent-wise. The problem is Cody wins the AEW Championship only a few months after the title was created, what does that say about Cody?

It would say he’s the Boss trying to make the company all about him and fans have already criticized Cody for his Double or Nothing entrance where he destroyed a symbolic throne as a message to WWE and Triple H.

Cody winning right now is bad for business especially now with Jericho taking social media by storm and just getting the company more and more over by the day.

Regardless, Cody vs Chris Jericho should be a great match and Full Gear is shaping up to be another solid PPV but before that show in November, we still have a month of live shows on TNT and you can count on All Everything Entertainment to cover everything All Elite Wrestling.