Celebrating the Legacy of Full House

Tyler’s Take Celebrating the Legacy of Full House

On September 23rd in 1987, the tv show Full House premiered. A series that enjoyed a run of success, from the years 1987- 1995. The sitcom was created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. It told and centered around widower Danny Tanner, who would need help raising his three daughters, DJ and Stephanie and Michelle.

Danny would have his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis, and best friend Joey Gladstone live in their San Francisco home. Jesse Frederick sang the opening theme, Everywhere You Look, which was extremely catchy and would instantly put a smile on your face. I can remember that familiar scene growing up as a kid, where the family drives in the car on the Golden gate Bridge. The show was a cult classic and would provide many memories throughout homes on Friday nights across America. Full House was featured on ABC’s TGIF lineup.

What made this show stand out is that you could always learn a valuable lesson, by the end of each episode. Like clockwork with 5 minutes to go the music would cue and a lesson would be taught by a member of the Tanner clan.

Each character stood out on their own which made the group even more special together. Danny Tanner was routine and Mr. Clean. Jesse was cool all about his hair, Elvis and Rock N’ Roll. Joey was a master of cartoon voices and a comedian. Michelle was lovable and loved her ice cream. DJ was always mature and cared for her sisters while Stephanie was always funny and witty. Who could forget the annoying and obnoxious next-door neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler. Eventually, Jesse would marry Rebecca Donaldson, Danny’s cohost on Wake up San Francisco.

The show was funny and you felt like you were a part of the Tanner family on Friday nights for that 30 minutes as we got to be in their home, growing with them. Throughout the seasons we could relate to the situations or mishaps they found themselves in. It gave you laughter and sometimes sadness, and even heartbreak. We will never forget you Papouli!

Lines like Cut it Out, Have Mercy, and You got it Dude, are still used frequently today. However, nobody will ever be as cool as Uncle Jesse saying Have Mercy.

If you want to watch or rewatch Full House, Hulu has acquired the streaming rights, for the show. We saw Fuller House premiere on Netflix, a spin-off of the original in 2016. Ironically, that show has just filmed its final season.

It’s hard to believe that Full House debuted 32 years ago. I am 34 years old and I grew up with this show. Thank you to the actors, actresses, writers, and producers of this great show.

Full House was one of a kind and it instilled values and decency in people. It showed you the importance of family. Thank you Full House, here is to another 32 years of you streaming for our children and their children.