Game Dev’s Lessons: Firefall

Firefall was a game announced in 2010, released in 2013 and shuttered in 2017. It was a fun MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), that had great combat, resource gathering and crafting system. That was it’s main draw to me. Of course, the storyline wasn’t half bad.

What killed the game was not the endgame content that killed Anthem and wasn’t the repetitive nature (which doesn’t bother me much). It was an executive decision that butchered one of the main aspects of the game. They took out, meant to be temporary, the crafting system.

The original intent was to pull it for a short amount of time and then implement a better system. Which of course never got seen. As when they pulled it killed their fan base rather quickly. It felt like there was nothing or no reason to do anything. This created the spiral of death for the game.

In the spirit of getting to the point, know the values of your game. That factors you want to be the center of it, and strengthen it. If a heavy part of your game is resource gathering and crafting, do not remove it. If you want to streamline or replace it, do it in one patch. The longer you wait to replace it, the more you are going to hurt your fan base.