George Kittle: Best Tight End in NFL

For the past 5 years we all knew who the best tight end was in the league, Rob Gronkowski. Now that Gronk retired the tight end position is almost wide open for the best. You could say Travis Kelce because yeah Kelce is an amazing tight end with great abilities. But Kittle has abilities almost just like Gronk. 

Kittle has that talent to completely take over a game or make that one key play in crunch time to get your team the win. That really showed in the 49ers game against New Orleans. With roughly 30 to 40 seconds left in the game, Jimmy G completes this 10-yard check-down to Kittle and what happened after that was absolute heart and determination straight from Kittle. He managed to take a little check-down and turn it into a 45 yard gain dragging 5 saints defenders down the field with him into field goal range. 

That play won the game for the 49ers giving them the best record in the NFC at 11-2. So far this season Kittle has 60 catches on 754 yards and 4 touchdowns. Kittle has some of the most reliable hands, 80% of the time he is gonna come down with the ball. His speed is also almost unmatched for the position he plays, linebackers can’t keep up with the guy. Route running is tremendous and extremely tough. I can see another pro bowl in his future and some more broken tight end records.