Ginger Baker- A Tribute to an Icon in the Music Industry

Today is a sad day for the music industry as a legend in the industry has passed away. Ginger Baker passed away, earlier this morning, Oct 6, 2019. Baker’s family has made it public, that the famed drummer has been ill. The family has asked fans, to keep him in their prayers. Paul McCartney wrote on Twitter today, a great drummer and a wild and lovely guy. Sad to hear he died, but his memories never will.

Baker was born in 1939 in Lewisham South London, England. Baker began drumming in his mid-teens. He had never sat behind a drum kit before, but he could play and other musicians took notice. His earliest work came with jazz guitarist Diz Disley. He also played in Blues Incorporated, which included guest appearances by an early incarnation of The Rolling Stones.

1966 would change everything as Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce would join guitarist Eric Clapton to form one of the greatest musical power trios of all time. Their name was Cream. Clapton had previously played for the Yardbirds and John Mayall. Cream helped usher in a psychedelic rock that defined the decade. Baker brought his Jazz background to the song Toad, from the debut album Fresh Cream. It has one of the best drum solos ever.

Combining his hard-hitting style and two bass drums Cream sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Baker’s iconic drumming can be heard on all of the band’s biggest hit songs. Sunshine of Your Love, White Room, and Strange Brew. The band would split in 1968. Baker would go on to drum in the short-lived band, Blind Faith. That consisted of Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton and Ric Grech. His next project was in Jazz-rock band Ginger Baker’s Air Force. Baker would move to Nigeria in 1971 and would have a studio there, called the Bakakota recording studio in Lagos. It hosted many local musicians, and many famous ones to boot.

McCartney’s band Wings recorded part of their song Band on the Run there. Cream came back together to perform, at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

There will never be another quite, like him. Not only a great drummer but also a great musician. His influence on drumming and rock was instrumental.

His legacy in music and life will live on. We will remember him always, his spirit will live on in his music for generations to come.

RIP Ginger Baker 1939- 2019.