Gleyber Torres-Future Captain of the New York Yankees


Last season Gleyber Torres was called up, and he never relinquished his spot. He started to do things as a Yankee rookie, we hadn’t seen since Joe D. The two things he needed to improve upon was defense and strike zone control. 

Gleyber possessed good range last year, but he made too many errors. I know that’s not how you define a defender. Routine plays matter too. He also seemed to hack just a bit too much. This season he has cleaned up both aspects. He still makes his fielding mistakes from time to time but he is infinitely more smooth. The young infielder’s walk rate has skyrocketed, nearly matching his entire walk total from last year. Working the count and letting the ball travel mean everything. As well as continuing clutch hitting, hitting well over. 350 with risp. Torres two-strike approach has been fantastic for a kid only 22 years old. 

I read a stat that Gleyber was younger than half of the kids in single A. That is both hilarious and amazing. He looks like a player that “just gets it”. You hear that term quite a bit. It is a cliche, but you can see Gleyber is wise beyond his years. He makes in-game adjustments that a 32-year-old would make. Which is why Cashman had to hang up the phone when teams came calling.

This star will only shine brighter. Maybe one day the Yankees will name another captain. Something to think about. In a season with all of these injuries and obstacles. Number 25 hasn’t let up. Quite impressive for someone who is deemed to have a supporting role. Thank you, Theo Epstein. Your World Series win could contribute to the Yanks getting back to the top.

Corey Reign