Good Boys Review-Seth Rogen Delivers, Again

What do you get with middle school kids who are trying to learn how to kiss, Seth Rogen as the producer, and an R rating? You get a nonstop laughing phenomenon for 90 straight minutes.

In “Good Boys” Seth Rogen gives us a raunchy comedy that delivers in every essence that you could want from a comedic standpoint. This is what Rogen does best! School comedies. This is Rogen’s bread and butter.

This movie is about three middle school friends (The Bean Bag Boys) who are Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and Thor (Brady Noon) go through everyday life as middle schoolers.

Max gets an invite to a kissing party and needs help from his two best friends on how to kiss. That’s when the madness begins, and it’s a comedy that takes you through simple, cute moments and flips it on you in a raunchy, hilarious version.

The kids break Max’s Dad’s drone and have to go through a journey to get one before Max’s Dad returns home from work. If they don’t they will get grounded and won’t be able to make it to the kissing party.

Director Gene Stupnitsky gives us an absolutely knee-jerking scene at a frat house, pure comedic genius, perfect timing throughout this film thanks to scene-stealer Keith L.Williams, and an awesome ending that has some type of humane meaning through all of the raunchiness.

A definite late summer hit, with truly all unknown names as the leads, and quite frankly a fresh of breath air in the comedy spectrum. To me, it seems that Hollywood has lost a lot of steam in the comedy genre as of late.

Thanks to Rogen and his team for striking gold on this film. A must see!

Four out of five stars.