Green (and not Green) Lanterns You Need to Hear About

In the ever-expanding list of Lantern corps we have had some interesting ones introduced. In this piece, I am going to talk about some that you probably didn’t hear about or details about some that you didn’t know about. For this, I will not include the ones who became temporary ones during Darkest Night.

One of my favorites to bring up is the Red Lantern, Dex-Starr. He is a cat and no I am not joking. Red Lanterns are the rage color of the emotional spectrum. The people who get the rings are the people who at that moment are filled with the most anger. Some of you laugh at the idea of a cat Red Lantern, but once you hear the story you love this one.

Dex-Starr was a normal cat. Well-loved and in a good home. Its home was broken into and (at the time) Dexter attacked the burglar. This woke up his companion, but it was to no avail. No help ever came and she was killed. This left Dexter homeless.

After some time on the streets, some creeps bagged the cat. They decided it would be fun to toss him over the Brooklyn bridge and see him drown. As the cat sunk in the water the red ring detected the cat’s rage and turned it into a Red Lantern. After killing the men who tried to drown it, the cat swore to find the man who had destroyed its first home.

Real tear jerker huh.

This one is not really canon but has become a popular meme. Coming out of the blue lantern corp (Hope) is the Hope Corgi. Try and tell me that hope is not just the perfect representation for a dog, especially a corgi.

Going back to the canon ones is Mogo. There are stories that Mogo is the most powerful and undefeated Green Lantern. Warriors seeking to challenge him must go to a specific set of coordinates to find him. They search all over the planet. Never going hungry but also never finding him. It is only after a long time that they finally find out the truth.

Mogo is the planet.

That’s right. The whole planet is Mogo. He (last I checked) died during the Blackest Night. Although not a very active member, he was able to help out where he could. Most of the time providing training grounds for new recruits and shelter for those who are refugees. The rare times he needs to use his Lantern powers, he is a force of nature (pun intended).

Guy Gardner is a Green Lantern, and not a popular one. Even among other lanterns. He has a brash personality and that bothers other people. One time Batman even knocked him out just so he could ignore him. Guess he has a chip on his shoulder as he was skipped over to be the active Green Lantern by Jon Stewart. Fun story on that one.

He is one of the major ones, being mentioned on several shows and making regular side appearances. So why is he here?

Because that chip on his shoulder makes him become a Red Lantern. More precisely a Green and Red lantern. Unknown how it really worked, but he was able to have both rings at the same time. He kept his sanity during his rage and was able to still exert his will into his other ring. This made him rather dangerous. Still don’t like him though.

This one I am going to keep short. Kara Zor El, AKA Supergirl. She becomes another Red Lantern. So just stop and think about this. A Kryptonian, powered by a yellow sun and a red lantern ring. Yeah, that is a little overpowered.

There are a lot more interesting characters in each corp. Now that they decided to introduce the Ultraviolet corp, which I am not a fan of, it could get more interesting.

Stay tuned for more talk about the lanterns.