Hana Kimura has died at 22


Stardom’s Hana Kimura has died at 22. The joshi wrestling promotion broke the news Friday night. The wrestler recently posted disturbing videos to social media. It was believed those posts might have been a suicide attempt. Kimura’s self-harm is also believed to be as a result of cyberbullying. In now deleted posts Kimura describes receiving hundreds of critical messages a day, thanked her fans and said goodbye. 

She started young:

Kimura was a second-generation wrestler. She was the daughter of former wrestler Kyoko Kimura, who she successfully teamed within the ring. Her career technically began when she pinned her mother for the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship, a title that is defended 24/7. Kimura began wrestling for Wrestle-1 and Stardom in 2016. She signed exclusively with Stardom in 2019 and consequently became the leader of the rebranded “Tokyo Cyber Squad” in April. 

She made history:

Hana Kimura recently made history due to her participation in a dark match at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 14. Kimura and Giulia were defeated by Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki in a Stardom Special tag team match. It was the first women’s match at NJPW’s biggest event. Kimura has also appeared on multiple television shows including the Terrace House: Tokyo. Terrace House fans have recently been very critical of Kimura.

We need to be better:

As a huge fan, I am in shock that Hana Kimura has died at 22. I don’t want to believe this one is true because of the immense potential this young woman had. Watching Hana Kimura fight Giulia was my favorite thing in wrestling and it breaks my heart that we will never witness it again. Get help if you’re having suicidal thoughts because none of us are truly alone. Also, think twice about what you say on social media because there are real people on the other end. We need to be better because the wrestling community failed this rising star.

This is heartbreaking. Everyone at All Everything Entertainment would like to extend their deepest sympathies to Hana Kimura’s fans, friends and family. 

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